Will A King Mattress Fit In A Pickup Truck?

The majority of us have gone through the relocation cycle at least one time in our lives. We realize how exhausting and upsetting the moving interaction can be.

And regardless of whether we get residential movers’ help, we will have to take care of our children, our pets, items, removing or transferring our households, and so on. 

Transporting a king-size mattress in a pickup is a part of each family relocation. If you are planning to relocate all alone, you will definitely require a few hints on transporting a king-size mattress in a pickup to your new beautiful home.

If you need to know how to move a king-size mattress in a pickup truck, you just need several simple stages, and you’re done. It’s reasonable to have something as big as a king bed in a pickup truck safely for transport once you know the rules and regulations. However, do take note that this size creates limitations because of the space in the truck bed.

The best mattress size for moving in a pickup truck would be a twin, and anything greater will require adjustments during loading. Perhaps it’s smarter to rent a greater vehicle or recruit professional movers. But if you want to know more if DIY is intended for you, then, at that point we should begin.

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How Do You Transport A King-Size Mattress In A Pickup Truck?

#1. Prepare

To begin with, you have to ensure that your mattress will be secured all through the journey. Experienced movers use a ground cloth to cover the king bed because it is thick enough against potential trash in the road. To hold it back from flying off, make sure to attach it with a rope after covering.

We are assuming that you also know the legitimate way of putting the mattress in its bag prior to covering it with the ground cloth. Different materials vary in the way you should pack and seal them, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

We want to share a tip to tie the case spring and king bed along with a strong rope. The two of them will gauge each other to prevent slipping during transport. Make sure that you’ll use the vehicle’s strap anchors while strapping as well.

#2. Position

Since you have the mattress secured, you can locate it in your truck. Remember that you’re moving a king-size mattress, so you can’t lay it flat in the truck bed. You can make loading comfortable by sliding the mattress far to one-hand side at an angle.

Along these lines, one side can’t lay on the inverse bedrail. You also want to adjust the placement according to the space that your specific pickup truck offers. The main task is to check if the king-size mattress doesn’t have any part that may crease.

#3. Secure

Tie your king mattress safely because its overall mass isn’t enough to hold it back from moving off the pickup truck. This improvement is very plain as it depends on how you’ll do it, but ensure that the strops run over the mattress. After loading, you can run one end of each strap through the strap anchors until you’re ready to start tying.

Then, check the snugness before you leave, and you are done.


Can A King Size Mattress Fit In A Pickup Truck?

As we have revealed earlier, a king-size mattress can fit in a pickup truck but not flatly as smaller beds do. Just twin-size mattresses can sit flat on the truck bed because of the wheel wells. Never be enticed to overlap or move your king bed because it is too thick and large that you risk damaging the structural integrity.

Don’t also place something heavy on the mattress as it can encourage gouges. As far as we might be concerned, it’s more ideal to have it transported in a vehicle where it can lie flat, especially if the travel duration is long. In any case, a few manufacturers allow having their king-size models on their side for a short period.

What Size Truck Do I Need To Move A King Size Bed?

To make moving considerably more comfortable, it is best to check your truck’s size and if it will be ideal for something as large as a king mattress. To get straight to the point, we suggest getting a cargo van or renting an appropriate moving truck. It is adequately spacious to transport your king-size mattress flat safely.

A 10-feet moving truck will be ideal for a king-size bed, whereas an 8-feet pickup truck just accommodates a twin bed comfortably. You can follow our three-venture guide above to guarantee that your king mattress stays upstanding flat against the wall with nothing pointing onto it. A few groups even suggest having the end down with nothing below or above the mattress.

How Do You Move A Heavy King Size Mattress?

Moving a heavy king-size mattress can turn into a DIY project, as long as you have somebody to assist you in lifting it around. The actual mattress is too heavy to even consider lifting without help from anyone onto a vehicle.

If you have nobody to help you, we suggest getting it sent or hiring moving professionals to save time and energy. You can also consider a shipping company, but you actually need to load the mattress into the moving vessel. On the contrary, a professional moving company will do the packing and transporting for you at extra expense.

Transporting A King-Size Mattress – How To Do It Properly

Regardless if you want it or not, you will eventually have to go through the moving interaction. Regardless of whether you are moving because you have found a superior place to live, or because your work requires it, you will require moving assistance, and movers company are the best decision for you. 

If you invested a lot of money in your mattress, you will want to take it with you, correct? If you are planning on transporting a king-size mattress all alone without damaging it, you should continue reading this article.

What Do You Need For Transporting A King-Size Mattress?

It really doesn’t matter how you decide to transport your mattress nowadays. A professional moving company will know how to ensure and transport your mattress with no problem. But, you can also transport your mattress all alone. There are a lot of valuable things on the market that are available to help you keep your mattress all around secured and clean during the relocation. These are the things you may require in request to transport your king-size mattress safely:

  • A Helping Hand. Ask your loved ones for help. It’s difficult to lift, pack, secure and load a large mattress all alone.
  • Mattress Bag. This bag is definitely worth buying. It’s cheap and fabulous and it will secure your mattress consummately.

Steps For Transporting A King-Size Mattress

Regardless of whether you are preparing for a significant distance or a local move if you want to transport your king-size mattress fast and productively, you ought to follow these five methods.

  • Create A Place To Work
  • Use The Mattress Bag Properly
  • Always Secure The Mattress Bag
  • Load Mattress In A Vehicle
  • Secure The Mattress

Create A Place To Work

Since mattresses are kinda awkward to pack, you will require a workplace to get it appropriate and very much secured. You should remove the mattress from the bed frame and put it in a hard place. 

At the point when you disassemble the bed frame, you will have the entire floor space for packing and protecting your mattress. Packing your mattress in a small area brings you the danger of tearing the bag or not getting tape over holes without noticing.

Use The Mattress Bag Properly

As we recently referenced, buying a mattress bag is the best investment if you are trying to transport a king-size mattress all alone. It’s cheap and fabulous and it will protect the entire mattress without special cases. You will not have to stress over openings and you cover everything with packing tape. The mattress will slide in the mattress bag and fit in there impeccably. The mattress bag will protect your mattress from soil and residue during the transport.

Always Secure The Mattress Bag

Your mattress will fit into the mattress bag. After that, you should make sure to get the mattress bag appropriately. How to do it? Use the packing tape all around the mattress to make sure that it’s sealed and gotten. It’s also great to run the packing tape over the mattress on a couple of more occasions. 

Run the tape over the mattress bag on the center and then, at that point a third of the way up from the top and/or base. Remember to press the air out of the bag and since you are relocating your entire family, you will find these room-by-room packing tips helpful.

Load Mattress In A Vehicle

How you gonna load your mattress in the vehicle relies upon the kind of the vehicle and the size of the mattress.

  • Van or Truck. The mattress should lay down flat against a strong surface or stay upstanding flat against the side of the vehicle wall. To prevent damages to your mattress, you ought to avoid placing things with sharp points or angles up to or on the mattress. Heavy, narrow, and hard-surfaced things can also cause damage.
  • Pickup. Usually, pickup vehicles will actually want to accommodate a large-size mattress, as well as anything smaller than that. Regardless of whether not, it is no doubt conceivable to rest the mattress upon the wheel wells. If your bed is king-size, in any case, you may have to lean it against the side of the vehicle. You may even have to bring the end down. Also, there shouldn’t be anything above or below the mattress that is in transport. This is in part to avoid any penetrations into your mattress and to reduce the danger to plastic parts.
  • Car. Most importantly, before you go with this plan, you should take into consideration the size of the car and mattress. But, if you are planning to transport the king-size mattress on top of your car and your car is adequately large to handle that, then you should place it up there carefully to keep the bag from getting many luggage racks that you have.


Secure The Mattress

Whenever you’ve completed loading your mattress into or onto the vehicle for transport, you should get it appropriately. To keep your mattress from slipping and sliding, you should use ratchet straps (they are entirely affordable) and make sure to have them all around fixed down. You can also use a durable poly rope as well.


Before you continue transporting your king mattress in your pickup, you ought to learn the legitimate methods.

This article has reviewed the best way to move a king-size mattress in a pickup truck, which is essentially protecting, positioning, and securing it in place. In any case, do take note that you will not have the option to lay it flat because of the wheels.