What Cars Can Fit A Mattress? (Top 10 Recommended cars)

Most mattresses will not fit inside a car’s trunk or hatch. A big car is sufficiently large to carry almost any mattress on the rooftop, given that the mattress is appropriately wrapped, while a small vehicle may be appropriate for carrying a smaller mattress on the rooftop.

Mattresses are difficult to transport. When moving or buying another mattress, car owners frequently keep thinking about whether their vehicle will have enough room to fit a large mattress.

Be Safe When You Drive

When you drive with a mattress on your rooftop, you’re carrying a wide load that may obstruct part of your view. For good safety, consider having friends drive behind you to inform you as to whether the mattress is slipping. 

If you have friends helping with the move, you can also ask them to ride along with you, having each one hold the mattress through the passenger side and back windows. This gives more security especially if you’ll travel on a bustling road or highway.

Find below a chart with the different sizes:

King Size   Queen Size    Full Size    Twin Size

76×80           60×80         54×75     38×75

We evaluated the kinds of cars that effectively fit large mattresses. There are 10 main types of cars that can comfortably fit a large mattress with no hanging.

Now, you may be wondering what kind of space does each specific model of cars offers and how large the cargo area is. Here is everything that you need to know about cars that can fit mattresses.

Toyota Highlander

The Toyota Highlander is a highly rated vehicle with all-wheel drive, excellent handling, and a multi-terrain choice of the vehicle. This vehicle was manufactured and assembled in 2020, providing better handling and a smoother drive.

The Toyota Highlander is a great alternative, which gives the same amount of space and similar travel benefits, but the highlander car uses two different types of fuel. These cars use a combination of power and traditional gas. 

These cars are more environmentally well disposed of, and less money is required for gas with them. These cars can be initially more costly and they have less power than a traditional half-breed car.

Buick Enclave

A Buick Enclave is a fair-sized SUV that fits 7 individuals and has all-wheel drive. This vehicle is popular for its spaciousness and excellent safety features. The Buick Enclave scored 5 out of 5 stars in its safety rating from The National Highway Traffic Administration.

Cargo Space: The Buick Enclave is known for its spaciousness, and the cargo space is spacious too. The Buick Enclave has a cargo space of 23.6 cubic feet, and 97.6 cubic feet with all of the seats removed.

The Buick has 46.7″ of space between the wheels, and this car has a depth of 86.9″ to the seats. A Queen-sized mattress of normal measurements will fit in the back of a Buick Enclave, but it cannot lay down flat. To fit the mattress in, all the seats should be collapsed in and the mattress should be at a diagonal angle.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is an extremely rated SUV with 20″ wheels, a 12-speaker Bluetooth audio framework, and all-wheel-drive capabilities.

The Ford Explorer has half-breed choices for an all the more ecologically cordial car, but the majority of Ford Explorer vehicles are typical gas-fueled cars.

Cargo Space: The Ford Explorer has around 18.2 cubic feet of storage, and 87.8 cubic feet when all the seats are collapsed down.

The Ford Explorer has 48″ of space between the wheel wells, and 68.5″ of depth to seats. The hatch width is 46.7″, whereas the hatch stature is 31″. A mattress will actually want to fit in the back of a Ford Explorer without it sticking out or overlapping at all. The mattress should be carefully placed at a diagonal angle within the back of the vehicle.

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is a top-notch, large SUV that has really high consumer loyalty and excellent scores across the board. The Ford Expedition has all-wheel-drive capabilities and is a decent vehicle for going 4×4 romping.

Cargo Space: The measurement of cargo space relies upon the specific Ford Expedition type you’re dealing with. The Ford Expedition Max, for example, has the largest amount of cargo space at 35″ of cubic space and 12.5 Cubic feet when all the seats are put down.

Although the Expedition Max is the largest and contains the most space, any kind of Ford Expedition vehicle will be adequately large to hold and transport a mattress without worrying about the mattress hugging out at the back. The Ford Expedition has adequate space to fit the mattress as well as the accompanying bedframe and anything else required with the mattress.

Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 vehicle can fit a mattress at the back, but there will be about 3″ of the hanging part where the mattress will stand out of the back of the vehicle. While the mattress may stand out, it will be manageable to transport, you very well could have to use a ratchet strap to hold the hatch around the mattress.

There is a small enough amount of overhang that it very well might be possible to fit the mattress into the RAV4 and have the option to close the hatch, but this will require a lot of planning and trial and error.

Honda CR-V

Lowering the seats in a Honda CR-V is easy when your know how to do it. Remove the load cover by sliding it aside and lifting it up. Go to each side of the SUV and pull the release to fold down the seat bases. The lift seatback release and fold down.

Nissan Rogue

If you are thinking about buying a Rogue with the idea of using the unique cargo space found inside the smaller size of the vehicle (at least with regards to Suv’s) then, at that point the head is probably in the suitable place.

“The Rogue offers a nice 39.3 cubic feet of cargo area which is a large space for this size SUV.

If you do plan on getting a Rogue, know about what that means about the power of your engine. You’ll definitely have a safe and comfortable ride, but this isn’t the SUV to get if you’re looking for unadulterated power.

Subaru Outback

You will be able to fit a full-size mattress in the back of the Subaru Outback, but for that, you have to fold down the rear seats. They will have a hook that you will need to pull out of the back of the car. Once you are done, the mattress will work fine, but you are limited to traveling with yourself and one passenger only. Doesn’t fit anything bigger than this, like a queen mattress.

Nissan Pathfinder

A large-size mattress is probably going to be too huge to even think about fitting into your Nissan Pathfinder without being really creative. A full mattress may even be an extreme fit depending on what you are doing with it, but it is probably credible because of the more limited measurements. A twin mattress would fit into the Pathfinder.

With an idea of how large those mattresses are, you ought to have the option to measure your Nissan Pathfinder and find an ideal solution for each size mattress.

You may also be interested to understand that many individuals will secure their mattress to the rooftop and drive their vehicle home that way.

Another final choice is to use a small trailer, regardless of whether it is a friend’s trailer to add on some extra space that would carry a mattress easily.


If it is a mattress made of soft materials (cotton or latex), you can easily roll it up and try to put it in the trunk of your car.

If the mattress doesn’t fold easily, don’t even try to fold it. If it is small enough, you can carry it on the roof after securing it properly, but be very careful as this can be dangerous.

The Wrong Way to Transport a Mattress

Try not to Tie the Mattress to Your Car’s Roof


Is it safe to put a mattress on the top of your car? This creative arrangement is a good choice for many do-it-yourselfers. But, it is also unsafe and could have unanticipated consequences.

Try not to tie a mattress straightforwardly to the top of your car. Securing the mattress by dropping a rope or string through the windows or entryways of your car can bring about broken door seals and warped window frames. It can cost up to $1,500 to fix this damage. The safest way to use this strategy is with a rooftop rack.

Try not to Bend Your Mattress

Folding or bending the mattress can break the springs and filling, causing irreparable damage to your new purchase. New foam mattresses are able to ricochet better compared to traditional spring mattresses, so remember this as you pick your transportation strategy. Some foam mattresses may be folded to fit in the back of large SUVs or vans, but this ought not to be attempted with other mattress types. 

If you do fold a mattress in the back of your vehicle, make sure it doesn’t block the drivers’ vision out of any windows, as this is a safety violation and can lead to a penalty. If you use a rooftop technique, the mattress can also be twisted because of the power applied to it by the wind when you are driving. The following are two outrageous examples of how this bending can be caused by free ties or failing to get the mattress at numerous points.

Try not to Leave your Mattress Unprotected


Before moving your mattress, purchase a plastic bag or cover to secure it during the move. These bags are relatively inexpensive and protect your mattress from becoming dirty or torn. Consider these to be bags on Amazon as an example.

Try not to Use Rope or String

If you do tie down your mattress to a rooftop rack, or safely in the bed of a truck, wrap it down with ratcheting straps. Mattresses are large, massive, and can get resistance from the wind. This will pressure any bunch, regardless of how safely tied. Ratcheting straps are considerably less liable to fail while moving a huge thing like a mattress. 

Before starting your trip, do a couple of gentle brake tests in the parking part to make sure the mattress doesn’t shift or turn out to be free. Secure the mattress at least three points, the front, center, and end.

Avoid Hanging

If you’ve put the mattress to your rooftop rack, make sure to avoid any overhang that may block the driver’s vision. Never use ropes. In many states, drivers are needed to have clear vision through all windows of the vehicle. If the mattress hangs down in the back or over the windshield, you may be violating state law and could get a costly fine. Unfortunately, you may get in an accident because of impaired visibility.


Try not to Drive on Highways

Stick to backroads when driving. Highway rates can test even many loads. The high rates can cause the wind to get under your mattress, pulling it against the bindings and potentially damaging the item. If your mattress goes loose at highway speeds, not only will it annihilate the mattress, it could lead to a crash. 

In the last four years, 39,000 injuries and 500 deaths happened because of dangerous flotsam and jetsam on roadways. Mattresses are one of the offenders behind this statistic, leading to real and certain injuries. As a dependable guideline, drive like your family is in the car behind you.