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Today’s cars are mostly made for comfort, and convenience while driving, and their trunk is getting smaller, and the space for passengers is bigger.

Of course, there are also car models that are created for travel, or long rides, and offer a bit more luggage space, but most people still choose city cars that are easy to park, and drive according to their needs.

This is the major reason why the obligatory accessories of every car are car top carriers, and roof racks that will enable you to transport heavier cargo, and a roof box is mounted on them, which serves as an additional place for luggage during the trip. 

Car top carriers are additional equipment that make for extra storage space on your vehicle in cases where the trunk is too small, or you’re just looking to carry a little extra luggage. This guide would focus on roof racks, and all you need to know.

How to choose the right car top carrier?

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a roof rack is the material for making cross bars, stoppers, fasteners, boxes. Will the trunk sag from rust after the first trip and encounter adverse conditions? Will the plastic melt in the hot sun? How will the seals behave in the event of sudden temperature changes?

 If you are a fan of fast driving, then the aerodynamic profile arches are suitable for you, otherwise you will have to listen to the howling of the bars. It is also important to choose the right type of attachment so that the load does not fall off along with the boot while driving. It better fits the size of your car.

Rating of the best car top carriers 2020

Boxes are popular with most motorists. They can accommodate a large number of small sports equipment. Pillars and cross girders are suitable for transporting bulky items such as bicycles.

Atlant Dynamic 434

The first line of the rating is occupied by the plastic box Atlant Dynamic 434. The uniqueness of this company’s products lies in the fact that the carrier is selected individually for each car. The range allows you to choose the right shelf for any owner.

Technical indicators:

  • Volume – 430 liters;
  • Length – 180 cm;
  • Load capacity – 50 kg;
  • Weight – 14 kg.

These suitcases “catch” the customer with their elegant design, small size, shape and modern durable materials. Top covered with a special layer of material that protects against corrosion and moisture penetration.


  • anti-corrosion coating;
  • modern design;
  • reliable fixation on the car roof;
  • corrosion protection;
  • it is impossible to bring water inside.


  • there are small defects in size;
  • high price;
  • somewhat awkward installation.

Thule Motion 800

Made in Switzerland. 2013 model. For several years, he took pride in evaluating the most reliable and highest quality car roof racks. He passed all the tests, except the low-temperature one. During such tests, the coating cracked, the locks did not close or froze solidly.

 In this case, all other parts behaved exactly the same as without exposure to temperature. The coating is currently being improved and new tests are being carried out.

Technical data:

  • Volume – 460 liters;
  • Length – 205 cm .;
  • Load capacity – 75 kg;
  • Weight – 19 kg.

In the warm season, it perfectly withstands any load and is not afraid of blows. But at the slightest drop in temperature and drop of the thermometer for the label with negative numbers, he could not withstand the impact of a light load of 2.5 kg.

As for the other parameters, no model of this class has received so many positive reviews. Including the expert group. The most famous publications recommend this stand.


  • a large number of positive reviews
  • passed quality tests
  • honorary places on world rankings
  • still popular among box rental companies. 


  • Does not tolerate the threshold of minimum temperatures;
  • high price.

Thule motion sport

On the third line is the trunk of the Swedish company Thule Motion Sport. In the range you will find any model that is perfect for outdoor sports fans. All products are ISO certified. In addition, you can order individual parts for the selected boot model.

Technical indicators:

  • Volume – 320 liters;
  • Length – 190 cm .;
  • Load capacity – 75 kg;
  • Weight – 14 kg.

Trunk indicators are standard, the volume is compact, while it is quite spacious.


  • spacious
  • quality
  • well designed
  • the product has all the necessary licenses
  • high load capacity.


  • high price.


The fastening system has 4 legs that attach securely to the surface of the car. But in this case, the installation takes longer due to the same fixtures. They glide poorly on the surface, are difficult to rearrange and do not move on arches. The system is fully secured by a lever.

The shape of the box is ambiguous, it has a bandage at the end. This shape creates aerodynamic problems and affects fuel consumption. Whistles are heard while driving at high speed.

Due to the quality workmanship and high strength of the materials used, the load capacity of the trunk has increased. But the maximum weight of the transported equipment depends on the installation of the diameters, which are set based on the dimensions of the car.

Technical data:

  • Volume – 480 liters;
  • Length – 187 cm .;
  • Load capacity – 90 kg .;
  • Weight – 15 kg.


  • high load capacity;
  • excellent length;
  • light weight structure;
  • durable and reliable materials;
  • low price.


  • aerodynamic problems due to the shape of the trunk;
  • the fastening system is poorly regulated;
  • installation takes longer.

Thule Motion Sport / Motion 600

The trunk is native to Switzerland. Pass all the necessary tests to achieve your status with great confidence. It easily fits into skis and other complete accessories for active sports. Of all the above and below models, it can be considered the most compact. The latest model is called Motion XT Sport.

Technical components:

  • Volume – 320 liters;
  • Length – 190 cm .;
  • Load capacity – 75 kg;
  • Weight – 14 kg.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons, although they are quite obvious.


  • passed all tests
  • suitable skis
  • small size
  • awarded places in the top ten prestigious ratings
  • high load capacity
  • does not go beyond the middle price category
  • is considered one of the most compact
  • it opens on both sides.


  • not found.

KREMER boxing

The most suitable part in this box that will serve well for installation is the U-shaped bracket. It has a thread that must be located inside and tightened with handles, individually for each leg. There are holes for even more convenient fastening, with the help of which the position of the roof rack is adjusted.

Unused holes are closed with plugs to prevent water from entering the mounting system. This protects against corrosion and possible box changes.

Low fuel consumption and no noise during fast driving should be noted in the boot. This has a beneficial effect on the driver and passengers who do not experience additional discomfort due to the excellent aerodynamics of the device.

It is impossible not to notice the design with unique patterns and a glossy coating that reliably protects the transported items from moisture. Also, this frame cannot be scratched or damaged.

Technical components:

  • Volume – 520 liters;
  • Length – 192 cm .;
  • Load capacity – 75 kg;
  • Weight – 15 kg.


  • suitable carriers
  • modern design
  • moisture protection
  • damage protection
  • rivets from moisture penetration into the trunk
  • included in the middle price category
  • no noise is heard from the boot when driving at high speed.


  • there is a chance that water will enter the housing.

Whispbar (Yakima) WB750

Yakima is considered a world leader in sales, production and product quality. The Americans recently acquired it and that was just a plus. The products have been serving their customers for many years, meet all quality standards, have a modern design and are absolutely safe.

 New models are constantly being tested. The manufacturer does not forget about aerodynamics, and even at high speeds, the trunk will not create unnecessary noise that interferes with listening to the audio system.

Technical components:

  • Volume – 400 liters;
  • Length – 180 cm .;
  • Load capacity – 75 kg;
  • Weight – 17 kg.


  • large volume
  • low price
  • meets all quality standards
  • the model is constantly being tested
  • excellent aerodynamics
  • serves for many years.


  • not found.

Boxing THULE

After a lot of testing, the testers emphasize the excellent quality of workmanship, reliability and practicality not only during fastening, but also during use. 

The company also independently conducted tests during which it was determined that there are virtually no problems with aerodynamics. Specifically, when moving the box practically does not create unnecessary noise. It is important to note that the trunk consumes a minimum amount of fuel.

Unfortunately, the installation will take some time. The box also has 4 legs, a secure and comfortable fit. All are fully rubberized. During installation, the handles are twisted until they click, which will mean that the installation is carried out correctly. The legs are bilateral and long.

Technical components:

  • Volume – 450 liters;
  • Length – 185 cm .;
  • Load capacity – 75 kg;
  • Weight – 19 kg.


  • reliable fasteners;
  • rubber inserts;
  • 4 standard brackets;
  • low noise level;
  • reliable circuit;
  • durable materials


  • heavy box weight;
  • high average cost;
  • long installation.

FicoPro 8.5

The next carrier on our scale is the FicoPro 8.5. This is a representative of the Russian market for roof racks. The model is practical, does not require special knowledge for installation, and is easy to assemble. Every trunk of this brand has a quality certificate.

Technical data:

  • Volume – 550 liters;
  • Length – 215 cm .;
  • Load capacity – 75 kg;
  • Weight – 15 kg.

Record the performance of all the brands of transport accessories presented above.


  • the largest volume indicators;
  • record length;
  • low price;
  • a rare representative from the Russian market;
  • awarded a quality certificate;
  • easy installation;
  • arches near the roof;
  • good aerodynamics.


  • load capacity with other indicators lags behind;
  • available in only two color categories: gray and black.


The Italian company MENABO started operating in 1972 with the production of audio equipment. However, the rapid development of vehicles has pushed the company’s employees into developing crates and car boxes. 

The brand occupies a leading position in Europe, includes 3 production sites, and 2 logistics centers. Experts appreciated the unique design of Italian products and reasonable prices. The manufacturer has managed to achieve high quality and reliability through three-layer plastic. 

Car owners are offered a wide selection of models, different shapes and colors. Domestic drivers praise the MENABO trunk for its sophistication and durability. The brand ranks third in the rating due to unfavorable system opening.


  • good quality
  •  refined style
  • affordable prices
  • force


  •  uncomfortable opening system.


Each of the presented logs is good in its own way. All are excellently tested not only in manufactured plants, but also in international competitions. This proves that they deserve a place in our assessment. They are made of high-strength materials, most of them do not create unnecessary noise and have reliable fasteners.

We considered cheap and expensive models of car top carriers. Not only technical characteristics, but also advantages, and disadvantages have been determined. Now, when you choose one of the sales roof racks, you will know a little more than you imagine. The main thing is not the cost, but the reliability and durability of the materials used, corrosion protection.

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