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Toyota Backup Camera Installation Cost (Average Price Chart)

Does Toyota introduce backup cameras? If you’re hoping to add some backup camera to your Toyota ride, look at the average price chart here.

Toyota carries top-score backup camera frameworks from brands like Dorman, Peak, and Yada for most makes and models. Look at reviews on the cameras from other DIYers who have introduced their own frameworks.

A back view camera is an incredible method of upgrading driving security and convenience. It allows you to get a great perspective on what’s behind you without the issue of thinking back nor asking another person to direct you. 

While most current cars are as of now fitted with a back camera, old-fashioned ones come up without this convenience. However, you can liven up your vehicle by introducing a backup camera. 

Backup cameras are a generic alternative to new cars and will probably be mandated for all cars by 2022. Post-retail makers currently produce a wide exhibit of DIY rearview camera packs. The cost differs, in view of the size and resolution of the advanced screen.

Is a Toyota backup camera great?

The Toyota backup rearview camera will add another price to your car, that additional money will probably be impressive. 

For the most experienced drivers, turning around into enclosed spaces can be a problem. Adding a rear view camera can give you the additional eyes you need to keep your Toyota car without a scratch. If you’re considering upgrading your Toyota car with a backup camera but aren’t familiarized with the process, it is good to calculate the price of a specialist.

What amount does it cost to introduce a backup camera?

The last thing you need is an unplanned bill. Read our cost guide below to familiarize yourself with the normal prices for this help before employing an expert.

Back up camera installation cost

The cost per item    Cost+VAT (Low Range)    Cost+VAT (High Range)    Average cost

Turning around camera installation    £150    £200  £175

The cost of backup cameras will rely upon the kind of vehicle you own and the number of cameras you require. A standard single-camera framework can be introduced at a cost of £150+ VAT. All the high-quality packages will accompany an extra cost tag of around £200+VAT. 

Best backup camera overallAUTO-VOXCS-2Wireless$84
Best backup camera on a budgeteRaptaERT01Wired$26
Best backup camera for RVs and campersRear View SafetyRVS-062710Wired$600
Best backup camera for carsTOGUARDMirror Backup CameraWired$70
Best backup camera for truckseRaptaER0202Wired$220
Best backup camera for SUVsZEROXCLUBW01Wireless$190
Best backup camera for trailersYakryDigital Wireless Backup CameraWireless$138
Best backup camera for vansDoHonest8523723024Wireless$100
Best backup camera for older carsLeeKooLuu8523722953Wireless$120


How does a Toyota backup camera work?

Toyota backup rearview cameras have become more modern in their capacity to differentiate obstacles. When the car goes into the opposite lane, a backup camera will show two equal lines to assist with guiding you into a parking spot effortlessly. Some rearview camera frameworks likewise highlight a centerline to further upgrade your accuracy, keeping the car-focused in the space.

Current cameras highlight displays that change the color of the rules from green to yellow to red the nearer you get to an obstruction. Joined with rearview sensors, this technology is considered an absolute necessity for drivers hoping to improve the security of their vehicles.

What are the benefits of introducing a turning-around camera?

Just as preventing harm to your vehicle, a backup camera can assist with protecting individuals inside from injury-causing accidents. By expanding your field of vision on the back window or trunk level, a rearview camera can avoid vulnerable sides of the Toyota vehicle from being harmed, making it more secure and smoother to drive and stop your car.

For any drivers who tow a trailer, introducing a rearview camera can have a significant effect. With a wide-point view of the trailer on the camera display, you can guarantee your trailer lines up with the vehicle.

Tips for choosing a backup camera

When purchasing a backup camera, we suggest buying a product that is compact and strong. Search for the accompanying specifications when analyzing the market:

  • Extra LED lighting for late evening use
  • Waterproof sensors
  • Coloring and perceptible sensors
  • A wide-view camera for a superior view
  • Camera installation cost 

With regards to figuring the cost of introducing a backup camera in your Toyota car, there are various variables that will influence the complete price you pay. The make and model of your car will impact the installation – more seasoned vehicles might require extra electrical work to adequately introduce a backup camera.

The other main consideration is the make and model of the actual camera. Some switching cameras will cost more to introduce because of the complexity of the arrangement.

You can approach your nearby backup camera experts about your Toyota car and your requirements. They ought to have the option to advise you on the best model switching camera for you and let you generally realize the amount it will cost.


Toyota backup camera installation quotations

We generally suggest getting at least three statements from the installers. To guarantee you’re following through at a reasonable cost for the work, you need to look around, and you can have equipment that makes your work very simple.

You post insights regarding the work you need doing and they will send it out to nearby dealers in your space. Give it a shot – it’s speedy and simple.

Backup camera installation hourly rates

The normal hourly rate for a specialist or backup camera architect to carry out the installation work is around £30 – £60 each hour. The price will differ depending on the individual dealer, their experience, and where you live.

It’s consistently a smart thought to request costs when getting quotations for the work, including the hourly rate for extra time spent – simply if the work ends up being more unpredictable than they initially plan for.


How would you introduce a backup camera?

Connect your backup camera to its power and video link. Get back to the rear of your car whenever you’ve introduced the back view screen and all the essential camera chains. Close the storage section if essential, then connect the backup camera to its power and video link.

Cost of Rear Camera Installation

It’s difficult to advise the cost of introducing a backup camera. There are two things that you need to plan money for, first, is the cost of the camera, and the second is the cost of installation.

Installation Cost

You have to likewise consider the installation process when deciding the amount to introduce a backup camera. The installation will cost you around $75 to $200 depending on how complex the arrangement is. Remember that some car camera structures incorporate various cameras and therefore require more complex installations.

The best guess for the backup camera installation’s general cost would be $100 to $1000.

Camera Cost

To know the amount to introduce a backup camera, you need to think of a few components. The first one is the camera brand and type. The least expensive camera costs $20, with the high-quality ones coming at around $700. You can’t assume that more cheap products should go with similar components as the more costly ones. 

These friendly cameras are regularly single cameras and without a screen. The more costly ones accompany numerous camera systems, a more comprehensive screen, and further developed provisions like a GPS tracker. There may likewise be a striking difference in the quality of the products offered at this evaluating scale.

Set up Your Tools

  • Buy the right gadget. With regards to Toyota backup cameras, it’s actually best to get one that is delivered specifically for your unit. You can surely discover what you’re searching for at retail shops.
  • Pick an outer backup screen. If you need to hold your rearview display, get a backup screen that adds onto the windshield as opposed to supplanting the mirror totally with a cam screen.
  • Secure your materials. For most camera installations, you will require camera and screen splitter lines, connectors for video and power links, and RCA video. Most products accompany every one of the necessary wires, while others don’t. It’s best to ask your business friend to be sure you have all you require on the get-go. There are likewise remote transmitters if you need to avoid links.

Introducing a Rear Cam

After knowing the amount to introduce a backup camera, and you wish to proceed to hire a professional to install, you need to know ways to introduce a back camera installation before you start struggling. Doing as such will work with the simplicity of perfection and will save you time and money. Here’s your help on the most skilled method to install a back cam.

Camera Installation

  • Install the screens. The outside screen joins to the foremost windshield and the interior screen to the back view. Inside screen installation is simple as you will just have to cut the new gadget onto the mirror. But, outside screen installation can be interesting as you should have the mount first and then attach the screen onto it.
  • Direct the camera screen’s splitter wire to the circuit box.
  • Connect the screen’s link to the RCA link.
  • Fix the screen’s power link to a circuit end and fit it into the breaker box.
  • Append the backup camera to the power and video wires.
  • Secure the camera to the front of the tag. Make a point to follow the maker’s guidelines as to camera position.
  • Check whether it works. Perform the test in a more secure region before bringing the car out in open streets, to give you an opportunity to change.

Wiring Installation

  • Remove the back license plate. With the use of a screwdriver, remove the tag to give space for the camera.
  • Remove the inside board to uncover back wiring. The board is located inside your trunk, on the opposite side of the plate’s mounting section. Take it off using a prying device.
  • Drill a little opening in the plate’s mounting field. The opening should fit the camera’s power and video wires. Use a tool with 1/8 and ¼ width.
  • Secure the links using an elastic grimmer. Add an elastic washer with the right size around the hole before moving the links to get them. You can rapidly get these elastic washers in home improvement shops.
  • Wire the camera into the storage region. Draw the parting end link through the opening from an external perspective and into your car’s trunk.
  • Find the two links that connect to the converse light. These wires interface the rear lights to the dashboard and are generally located in your car’s trunk.
  • Connecting up the camera links with the backlight cables. Wrap them with electrical tape after to guarantee wellbeing.
  • Direct the video wires to the front. If there is a need, merge the RCA link to the cam’s video connector. Then, extend the wire to where the wire box is found, normally under the controlling wheel.


Other Benefits of a Back-Up Camera 

Apart from the security advantages of a backup camera, there are other benefits to adding the camera to your car. One is having the option to see that you are so near objects while moving a vehicle into a confined space, like when leaving. 

If you drive a large vehicle like a van, SUV, or pickup, which likewise have vulnerable sides, the additional arrangement of eyes behind you gives you additional confidence when backing up. 

Back-up cameras additionally prove to be useful if you tow a trailer or boat. If you get a camera with a different point ability, you may never require another individual to help you line up a block on the rear of your vehicle. But the best explanation of all to introduce a backup camera is to ensure a friend or family member doesn’t turn into a surprising determination.


Introducing a backup camera is an indisputable requirement as it encourages safe driving.

Concerns about the amount to install a backup camera should start things out when choosing to get one. 

With various back cameras in the market at an agreeable price range, you can definitely discover a device to suit your need and spending plan. Find out about backup cameras.