Is Suburban Bigger Than Odyssey? (side-by-side comparison)

Minivans once overwhelmed the family vehicle market.

Over the previous decade, be that as it may, deals have declined strongly as SUV deals have flooded. In any case, for pulling families and their load, minivans are difficult to beat. 

Even though there are a few likenesses, these two are diverse in many angles: body structure, beginning value, model year, strength, mileage, and ground shadow size. 

An outstanding distinction in the beginning cost of the 2019 Honda Odyssey, which is $19,725, is not exactly the base MSRP of the 2017 Chevrolet Suburban, which is two model years more established. 

Additionally, there is a huge distinction between body designs and outside measurements. The 2017 Suburban is an SUV, while the 2019 Odyssey is a Minivan. 

It is additionally marginally bigger. Lastly, the Suburban has a greater and thirstier motor; the Odyssey gets 3.5 more mpg. Among likenesses are the greatest inhabitants and freight volume. 

For freight space, there’s no challenge. With the Centre seats eliminated and the backs collapsed, the 2017 Honda Odyssey has 148.5 cubic feet of freight space. The gigantic 2017 Chevy Suburban SUV has a limit of 121.7 cubic feet accessible.

This shows if Suburban is bigger than Odyssey? (A Side-by-Side Comparison)


The best thing about the advanced Sport Utility Vehicle is the colossal assortment. From minimized hybrids to full-estimate trucks, SUVs come in all shapes and sizes. 

What’s more, because today everybody from Mazda to Bentley makes SUVs, there’s one out there to suit each need and spending plan. For the good of examination, we’ll generally be staying with the bigger three-column SUVs.

1. Cargo and Storage

suburban minivan


Chevrolet presently considers freight as a real part of the Suburban’s specialties, with an extra 2.2 cubic feet of volume behind the upgraded SUV’s third column and 23 extra cubic feet when all seats are collapsed, giving it a class-driving 144.7 cubic feet. 

Another significant improvement: The payload floor is more than 5 inches lower than in the past, which was a typical objection about the old Chevy. 

In the Premier and High-Country trim levels, you can lower and raise the third column and distantly overlap and tumble the second-line commander’s seats using catches, both in the driver’s overhead control Centre and at the liftgate. These catches don’t, in any case, raise the seats once more.

2. Powertrains and Suspensions

The Suburban accompanies one essential fuel-controlled V-8: a 355-drive 5.3-litre. In case you’re willing to move forward to the level of our test vehicle, the High-Country trim level, you’ll get a 420-hp, 6.2-liter V-8. 

A super diesel 3-litre Duramax ought to be accessible to arrange as ahead of schedule as this month, yet we haven’t tried it yet. It has 277 hp and 460 pounds-feet of force and will be accessible more extensively than the 6.2-litre; it’ll be discretionary on the LS, LT, RST, Premier and High Country.

3. Gas Mileage

The two gas motors highlight Dynamic Fuel Management, a complex type of chamber deactivation that can work on individual chambers. All things being equal, the 2021 Suburban’s EPA-assessed gas mileage is unaltered from 2020: 

The 5.3-litre V-8 is rated 16/20/18 mpg city/roadway/combined with back tire drive and 15/19/17 mpg with four-wheel drive. The 6.2-litre is rated 15/20/17 mpg (RWD) and 14/19/16 mpg (4WD) with suggested (yet not needed) premium gas, as point by point above. 

The Expedition Max, which comes with a turbocharged 3.5-litre V-6, is evaluated at 17/23/19 mpg (RWD) and 16/21/18 mpg (4WD). As far as we can tell, Ford’s EcoBoost motors experience more sensational proficiency drops while towing than do GM’s normally suctioned powertrains.

4. Interior Quality and Usability

Chevrolet has further developed the 2021 Suburban’s inside quality, particularly in higher trim levels like the High Country we drove. Remember, in any case, that our test vehicle, as prepared, was valued at more than $84,000. 

The past age’s cost could likewise arrive at pretty high. However, its quality didn’t come close. Assuming you need significantly more extravagant environs, the GMC Yukon Denali is gradually better. The updated 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV is a few stages above both — particularly its showcase and control frameworks.

5. Advanced Safety


The 2021 Suburban is something of a problem with regards to cutting edge security frameworks. Generally closefisted in such a manner, Chevy is at long last starting to extend its rundown of standard components and trim levels qualified for overhauls. 

The Suburban is additionally now equipped for remote updates, permitting essentially any code-based element to refresh, redesign and advance over the long haul. It can add new components if they don’t need extra equipment. 

Tragically, simply such an absence of equipment leaves the 2021 model with one cutthroat detriment as of now. 

The Suburban’s standard well-being suite incorporates a reinforcement camera, forward crash notice with programmed crisis slowing down, the person on foot identification, and backstopping sensors. 

Discretionary on lower trims and standard on the Premier and High Country is a Driver Alert Package, which adds path takeoff cautioning with path keep help, vulnerable side admonition, back cross-traffic ready and front stopping sensors.

6. Suburban Off-Road Performance

The Suburban isn’t an awesome or most moderate choice if you’re searching for a rough terrain vehicle. However, it can handle a periodic path, particularly the Z71 trim. 

The Suburban Z71 has eight creeps of ground freedom, more modest guards with other advanced methodology and takeoff points, a front pallet plate, tow snares, off-road tires, and a two-speed move case with high-and low-range equipment. 

The discretionary air suspension can surrender the Suburban to 10 creeps of ground freedom in its most unique setting, permitting the SUV to get its underside far from deep grooves, rocks, and different obstructions.


Anybody set on purchasing a minivan ought to have the Odyssey on their waitlist. However, it has one of the greatest retail costs in the class, and this Honda gives you a ton for your cash. 

Its incentive is improved for 2021 with the expansion of various standard dynamic wellbeing highlights, like the person on foot identification, programmed crisis slowing down, and path keeps help.

1. Odyssey Engine

The Odyssey is outfitted with a 3.5-litre V6 motor with 280 strength and 262 pound-feet of force. This motor is adequately incredible for ordinary driving, whether in the city or on the road. It feels enthusiastic in any event when the van is completely stacked with travelers or freight. The 10-speed programmed transmission functions admirably, choosing the right cog wheels without issue. 

Armada footed, proficient, and cleaned, the Odyssey’s powertrain is a darling that requires zero trade-offs. The Odyssey shifts bearing freshly, and from in the driver’s seat, it’s not difficult to neglect you’re directing a three-line van. 

The control is immediate, and the work is light, yet more input from the street would be gladly received. Driving enthusiasts will not rave—it’s as yet a minivan, all things considered—yet the Odyssey is the best-driving minivan, and its ability makes it skilled in corners and simple to drive on narrow streets. 

Our Elite test van’s ride wasn’t that agreeable of our drawn-out Pacifica. Yet, its standard 19-inch wheels could be somewhat to a fault.

2. Odyssey Towing Capacity

At the point when appropriately prepared, this vehicle can tow as much as 3,500 pounds. The new Honda Odyssey is worked with incredible conveniences, amazing specs, and an extensive inside. Suppose you and your Alpharetta team now and again are required on the end of the week undertakings. In that case, you may be inquiring, “What amount can a Honda Odyssey tow?” 

The 2021 Honda Odyssey towing limit arrives at a dumbfounding 3,500 pounds. With creative designing and the Honda Odyssey tow hitch, you can take on the entirety of your Dawsonville towing assignments with all-out certainty.

Look into the Honda Odyssey towing bundle underneath!

3. Odyssey Ride and Handling

Minivans are relied upon to be agreeable, and this Honda is no special case. Where it stands apart from different vans is it taking care. While it isn’t live, the Odyssey’s light guiding, strong brakes, and absence of unnecessary body roll assist it with feeling certain around turns.

4. Odyssey Gas Mileage

The Odyssey acquires an EPA-assessed 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the parkway. Those are fair figures for the class. However, most minivans procure comparative appraisals.

5. Odyssey Interior Quality

Delicate touch, premium materials and an all-around fabricated lodge that adjusts usefulness and tastefulness add to the Honda Odyssey’s inside claim. It’s one of the most delightful things in the class.

3. A Side-by-Side Comparison between Suburban and Odyssey


With a Suburban, the eighth seat is consistently there. With a van, it is removable, which has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s ideal to have the option to eliminate it and have additional room. Yet, it’s a torment to be taking it in and out, just as putting it away in your carport while it’s not being utilized. 

With the Suburban, you generally have at least eight seats. On the off chance that you have the one with the discretionary ninth seat and you at any point need the ninth, you lift the control Centre, and you have a ninth seat.



To get to the backline in a minivan, you are consistently away on the off chance that you don’t have an eighth seat. In the Odyssey, you can move the seats to be one next to the other and access the back column from the side that doesn’t sit down by any stretch of the imagination, or you can situate the two Centre seats with a space in the middle of that permits admittance to the back in the middle of the two Centre seats. 

If you have the discretionary eighth seat in, you need to pull a switch on one of the side seats to pop the seat up and forward to permit admittance to the back. 

In the Suburban, you need to put one of the side seats down to get to the backline. Ever. My inclination is the van. Indeed, even with the eighth seat. Also, here’s the reason. With the Suburban, the seat overlays down to the floor, making a new “floor” you step on to get to the backline. 

It isn’t very pleasant and squeezed and compels you to dodge because the vehicle’s floor just got raised by a lot. It likewise makes an unquestionably filthy surface, which turns into the rear of that seat. So it’s not a story, but rather it is grimy like one.


A Suburban vibe is like a truck. It feels somewhat not quite the same as driving my significant other’s Dodge Ram. However, it seems more like a Dodge Ram than a car. You get the thought. It seems like a truck. 

A minivan feels more like a vehicle than a truck. Indeed, it’s greater than a vehicle. In any case, it sits near the ground and is much smaller of a vehicle than a Suburban.



The Suburban has a high payload floor, yet it goes for quite a long time! In this way, it’s higher to lift things into, yet it goes really far back. You can settle the score more space out of it on the off chance that you overlay the secondary lounges down. 

A minivan sits lower in the first place. Afterwards, the storage compartment plunges, so placing things into the storage compartment is a snap, regardless of whether you are short. The storage compartment space is exceptionally tall yet doesn’t return very far. 

One redesigned include between my 2003 and 2005 Odyssey is that with 2003 you needed to return the whole line down to get more trunk space. 

With 2005, it has a parted back seat, so you can put possibly one seat down or two seats down to get SOME more trunk space, however, while keeping a couple of seats utilitarian. I love this component!


Minivans ruled the 2000s when every rural carport wore a Honda Odyssey. Lately, the SUV has come to run the show. Further developed proficiency and the rise of hybrids have allowed SUVs to shed the gas hog mark. Presently, every producer and their cousin make an SUV. 

Furthermore, the station cart keeps up with some cachet among lovers. In Europe, the cart has unfortunately become undesirable with American families. The times of back confronting seats are everything except behind us. Those were cool, however, correct? 

It comes down to what in particular accommodates your particular requirements. As family vehicles, the two minivans and SUVs have their benefits. Think about your children’s exercises and your way of life, and check whether they jive with one section more than the other. 

Choosing a minivan, a hybrid, and an SUV is subject to your way of life necessities. For instance, if you need to tow substantial burdens, a full-size SUV like the Chevrolet Tahoe or Ford Expedition is the ideal decision. 

Also, a conventional SUV, for example, the Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, or Toyota 4Runner, bodes well if you like to investigate the world a long way from asphalt human advancement.