Which Lasts Longer: Suburban or Expedition? (and how they compare)

The Expedition and Suburban have gone through big-time updates in 2018 and 2015, separately, so they are as present-day as possible get in this fragment.

While the 2019 Chevy Suburban smacks another face on the work of art, a box-style SUV, the Ford Expedition offers an advanced interpretation of the class with bolder headlights and a grille. 

The two SUVs are enormous. However, the Expedition offers two measuring choices. The 2018 Ford Expedition is accessible in a standard body style that is 210 inches long and rides on a 122.5-inch wheelbase or a 221.9-inch-long MAX body that relies upon a 131.6-inch wheelbase.

Notwithstanding the body you pick, the Expedition is 81.6 inches wide and 76.4 to 76.6 inches tall. 

Undertaking MAX offers two advantages that Suburban can’t similarly coordinate. The accessible Enhanced Active Park Assist can direct into an equal or opposite parking spot with fundamental advances. Rural doesn’t offer a comparable element. 

Full-size SUVs may not be just about as mainstream as they used to be. However, they have a spot in the auto world. Two long-term heads of the fragment, the 2019 Chevy Suburban, and the 2018 Ford Expedition, keep battling today.

 This shows which lasts longer: Suburban or Expedition? (And How they Compare)


1. Suburban Engine

The 2021 Chevrolet Suburban is presented with three motor choices: a 355-strength 5.3-litre V8, a 420-torque 6.2-litre V8, and a 277-pull 3.0-litre turbodiesel inline-six. All are mated with a 10-speed programmed transmission. Back tire drive is standard, and four-wheel purpose is accessible.

There is not an awful pick in this setup. The standard 5.3-litre V8 feels amazing and enthusiastically carries the Suburban in and out of town and up to roadway speeds.

The 10-speed transmission merits a portion of this acclaim. It moves rapidly and conclusively, guaranteeing there’s consistent power on tap when you need to speed up. The discretionary 3.0-litre Duramax diesel motor is comparatively refined. The speed increase is lively, smooth, and calm – the last isn’t generally commonplace for a diesel.

The accessible 6.2-litre V8 is the speedster of the setup. It can pull the SUV around with power, in any event, when pulling a weighty burden, and its exhaust creates a great cry under hard speed increase. In case there is a drawback, this motor is just presented in the pricy High-Country trim.

The electronic stuff selector can be a bit precarious to use from the start. It is mounted on the dashboard, close to the touch screen. You press the P and N catches to connect with the park and impartial, yet you need to pull the D and R flip changes to draw in the drive and opposite.

2. Suburban Gas Mileage

The Suburban gets an EPA-evaluated 16 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the parkway with its 5.3-litre V8 motor, which is very useful for a huge SUV.

The 6.2-litre V8 returns a comparable 15/20 mpg city/interstate rating. Right now, mileage gauges are not accessible for the 3.0-litre turbodiesel motor.

3. Suburban Ride and Handling

The Chevy Suburban has significant driving elements for a powerful SUV. Most analysts track down that the Suburban rides serenely over most street surfaces.

Particularly when optioned with the air suspension and Magnetic Ride Control frameworks, which can solidify or relax the vehicle’s safeguards in a split second, it feels genuinely stable around turns. 

The brakes give sufficient halting force, and the control is light and responsive. The Suburban can be an aggravation to move on close roads – fault its long wheelbase and wide turning sweep. Yet, the discretionary see-stopping camera framework makes the SUV moderately simple to control.

4. Suburban Towing Capacity


The 2021 Suburban has a most extreme towing limit of somewhere in the range of 7,500 and 8,300 pounds. Pick a model furnished with the Max Trailering bundle for the best towing capacity.

5. Suburban Off-Road Performance


The Suburban isn’t by a large-excellent or the most moderate choice if you’re searching for a rough terrain vehicle. 

Yet, it can handle a periodic path, particularly the Z71 trim. The Suburban Z71 has eight creeps of ground leeway, more modest guards with other advanced methodology and flight points, a front pallet plate, tow snares, off-road tires, and a two-speed move case high-and low-range equipping.

 The air suspension can surrender the Suburban to 10 crawls of ground freedom in its most unique setting. It permits the SUV to get its underside far from deep trenches, rocks, and different impediments.


1. Expedition Engine

Each Expedition has a 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 motor. It makes 375 pull and 470 pound-feet of force in each trim; however, the Platinum, where yield is helped to 400 strength and 480 pound-feet of force. 

In any case, this twin-super motor conveys a very sizable amount of energy for ordinary driving. It gives a quick speed increase, just as a lot of energy for towing and pulling. It’s combined with a smooth-moving 10-speed programmed transmission.

2. Expedition Gas Mileage

The back tire drives Expedition and Expedition Max to acquire an EPA-assessed 17 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the interstate. 

That is extraordinary for the class; however, remember that most opponents will generally have V8 motors. With four-wheel drive, gauges drop marginally: 17/22 mpg city/parkway for the standard-wheelbase model and 16/21 mpg for the Expedition Max.

3. Expedition Ride and Handling

The Expedition is a cumbersome vehicle, which implies it tends to be challenging to move in close regions like parking areas. In any case, despite its size, this SUV handles very well, with negligible body roll-around turns. 

Out and about, the Expedition displays a formed, smooth ride; however, know that models with the discretionary 22-inch wheels don’t accept knocks as nimbly.

4. Expedition Off-Road Performance

It’s no Jeep; however, the Expedition can deal with a bit of adventuring. It has 9.8 creeps of ground freedom, and there’s an FX4 Off-Road bundle that adds hardware like rough terrain tuned shocks, a restricted slip differential, and slide plates.

5. Expedition Towing Capacity


At the point when appropriately prepared, this vehicle can tow as much as 9,300 pounds.

How Suburban and Expedition compare

1. Comfort

The Chevrolet Suburban offers travelers a similar space to loosen up as the Ford Expedition, with tantamount head-and legroom. The Chevrolet Suburban offers somewhat more front head-and legroom than the Ford Expedition, making it slightly more agreeable for the driver and front traveler.

The Suburban has a highly smooth ride because of the autonomous back dampers and the discretionary air suspension. The cowhide seats are delicate and do offer lumbar help. A few analysts guarantee they can be level and consequently marginally awkward.

Then again, the Ford Expedition can situate either seven or eight individuals easily, contingent upon the setup. The standard arrangement offers eight seats and is somewhat more extensive than the Suburban.

While the subsequent line has 40 crawls of headroom and 42.6 creeps of legroom, the third column has 37.3 crawls of headroom and 40.9 creeps of legroom. This vehicle has a massive wheelbase of 131.6 inches and a tallness of 76.4 inches. The Ford Expedition has a ground freedom of 9.8 inches.

2. Convenience

You’ll make about a similar number of stops at the corner store with the Chevrolet Suburban as you will with the Ford Expedition. They are both ready to travel close distances on a tank of gas.

3. Dimensions

On that you go with the Chevrolet Suburban, you may be encompassing the square looking for a space adequately huge to stop more much of the time than with the Ford Expedition. 

The two SUVs are incredibly tremendous, with liberal cabin space and burden room. The Chevy Suburban can arrange someplace in the scope of seven and nine people peacefully, dependent upon the course of action. The standard arrangement offers eight seats with a great deal of knee room and headroom in the second and third lines. 

The resulting section has 38.9 downers of headroom and 42 slithers of legroom. The headroom is 38.2 inches in the third section, while the legroom isn’t unequivocally the second line at 36.7 inches. This SUV has a gigantic wheelbase of 134.1 inches and a height of 75.7 inches. The Chevy Suburban has a ground opportunity of 7.9 inches.

4. Performance

With the Ford Expedition, you’ll have the choice to pull heavier weights than with the Chevrolet Suburban. The Chevrolet Suburban has relatively less drag than the Ford Expedition.

5. Cost


There is a lot of parts to ponder while registering the overall cost of a vehicle. The essential idea is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). When looking at MSRP, the Chevrolet Suburban will influence your record than the Ford Expedition. 

Another idea is the Destination Charge, a standard charge for moving the vehicle to the merchant from where it’s manufactured. Both the Chevrolet Suburban and the Ford Expedition have practically identical Destination Charges. 

The Chevy Suburban and Ford Expedition have a lot of like base expenses. While the Suburban beginnings at $51,995, the Expedition is pretty more affordable at $51,800. Regardless, the Suburban’s most raised trim, the High Country, is excessive at $83,270. They are stood out from the most vital edge on the Expedition, the MAX Platinum, which costs a fairly more pleasing $77,470. 

To the extent mileage, Car and Driver found in its testing that the Ford Expedition was more moderate than the Chevy Suburban. The Expedition gets 17 mpg city, 24 highway, and 20 combined in its standard body.

6. Handling

The Chevrolet Suburban has a more critical turning range than the Ford Expedition, making it harder to travel through tough spots.

7. Powertrain

The Chevrolet Suburban doesn’t do as great an assignment conveying its wheels as the Ford Expedition with its lower power engine.

With the 5.3-litre engine, the Suburban falls just underneath at 15 mpg city, 22 avenues, and 18 joined. The mileage for the Suburban with the 6.2-litre motor drops to 14 mpg city, 23 routes, and 17 joined.

The Expedition has a twin-super V6 while Suburban has 

V8, regardless of making near pull and power.

8. Warranty

The Chevrolet Suburban goes with a comparative critical assurance concerning the Ford Expedition.

9. Utility and Capacity Specifications

The Chevy Suburban has a payload limit of 41.5 cubic feet with every one of the seats set up. The vehicle gets a most extreme load limit of 144.7 cubic feet with the most excellent payload of 2,017 pounds with the seats down.

The car can likewise tow a trailer with a most extreme load of 7,600 pounds. 

Then again, the Ford Expedition has a bigger payload limit of 57.5 cubic feet with every one of the seats set up. The Expedition has the most significant load limit of just 104.6 cubic feet with a most extreme payload of 1,757 pounds. The vehicle can likewise tow a customary trailer with the most considerable load of 6,600 pounds.


What sounds like a truck, pulls like a truck, even resembles a truck from specific points while not being struck? If you speculated huge SUVs, you are correct. These enormous game utility vehicles help us to remember the class’s lively and solid starting points.

In the present examination, we’ll investigate two of the most excellent SUVs in the business: the 2019 Ford Expedition and the Chevy Suburban. What is more extraordinary is a specific something; what is better is what we expect to discover.

Regarding three-column family haulers, the Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Suburban have been pillars for a long time. Throughout the long term, the two SUVs have gotten the hang of giving drivers and their friends and family what they need.

They may not be the most specific vehicles to move in and out of town. Yet, numerous drivers disregard this for the massive measure of travelers and payload space they offer.

The two models range from basic base trims to approach extravagance levels in their higher trims. Hardly any contenders have the size to play in the vast SUV field, which makes the contention between Chevy Suburban and Expedition MAX much more critical.