Top 10 Old Vans With Good Gas Mileage? (reviews 2021)

Vehicles, tools, equipment, and personnel are the workplaces for many companies, every day.

As such, an old van company is a key acquisition, defining the types of work you do, the customer types you service and the personnel you employ. 

The size and versatility of a car impact its capability; ensure that your service criteria take into consideration towing capacities, miles, cargo space, and other parameters. 

What are some reasons behind choosing an old van with good gas mileage:


So plenty of good brands are available that you will always know that you get enough sophisticated van with all criteria when you choose an old van with good gas mileage. The van can endure years over many other carriers as long as you maintain up to date with the regular maintenance.

The economy of fuel

You must choose an amazingly efficient cargo car when you choose a cargo car – it not only benefits the environment, but you will also gain better miles for less money. Most old van manufacturers take fuel economy very carefully, with some ferry cars measuring 22 miles per gallon. Today, most freight carriers are significantly more efficient and much of it is similar to a large sedan. 


You may easily have your company’s mobile billboard. Select a simple design, but be sure to see the logo easily. Installing your business to everyone passing by, you don’t spend large dollars on ads outside as it is on a single poster in a crowded place every time you’re on the road. Keep the discussion short and simple so that you can easily remember how others drive. 


Indoors or outdoors can be adapted. You can make the old van as convenient and convenient as you need it.


The old cargo vans are large, with an average space of 120 to 200 cubic feet. This makes filling the van easy with large quantities of goods to make you prepared for any situation.


Most vehicles are inconvenient, but a full-size carrier carries either an SUV or a minivan’s comfort. The transport and storage possibilities of a company truck are also available. 

Presently that you do have a few things to consider, we have to discuss who should make the top 10 when selecting old vans with good gas mileage. We have considered everything already and have taken your recommendations into consideration in the most important area. 

The carriers below are those most frequently recommended by the HVAC companies, but their suggestions are definitely applicable to contractors in all businesses.

This being said, make sure that you buy a quality vehicle that meets your trade’s requirements before you consider buying your next old van with good gas mileage. This is the overview of ten models, and the actual owners of businesses, you could consider: 

Chevrolet Astro AWD

In 1990, the minivan section in America was red hot. The boxy 1990, Chevrolet Astro was the first domestic vehicle in the class to have all four wheels. Just on Astros from 1990 to 2005, all-wheel-drive had been an option. The Astro offered a really high riding position and a V-6 power, up to 200 hp from the 4.3-liter motor, while not having a low-pitch transmission case. 

The Astro was lifted from the front in 1995 to look much larger. Today, AWD Astros has a love of adventurers on land excursions and off treks in these Chevys. Intriguingly, these old vans had an incomplete unibody construction, with a partial frame upfront. 

There are lift kits, often including spacers. Although 4WD is not hardcore, it is a great platform that can “get out there,” for a compact caravan.


  • Superb space for Pros freight
  • Friendly interior for users
  • Platform for heavy-duty
  • Low price for the start


  • Few features standard
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not available with missing advanced driver aids 


If you do not even live near Russia, it’s very probably you’ve never heard of Ulyanovsk Car Plant or UAZ-452. But for over 50 years these Russian-made old vans were made. For more than half a century, these spartan, tough and shaped as a loaf of bread have transported people around those toughest environments.

Contemporary versions (with seats up to 11) are still manufactured today with a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine of 112 hp and 146 ft. lbs of engine power. Power is reduced by a manual gearbox of five speeds. 

These four carriers have typically two 2WD, 4-wheel, and four-wheel drive low-range transmission gearboxes. Its top speed is 127 km/h, so do not plan to get anywhere too quickly.

The UAZ-452 hard-as-nails have solid and front-rear axles with leaf springs and a rear differential locking for maximum off-road traction. The firm design, the unspoiled nature, and Soviet design make the UAZ-452 a living relic which in various configurations you can purchase a brand spanking new.  


  • Wide freight area in a small frame
  • Driver support technology standard
  • Simple to drive every day
  • Great gas kilometer.


  • Some carriers can carry more freight
  • There are some amenities in the base trim 

Toyota 4WD Van

Toyota decided to offer a four-wheeler van from 1987 to 1989. The driver was sitting on top of the wheels with the engine between both the driver and the commuter and was simply named “Toyota Van” These minivans were supplied with a true 4WD system which included a low-range transfer case when you chose to transmit manually. 

Strength was generated by a 4-cylinder 2,2 liters of torque of 101 hp and 135 lb.-ft. An automated and manual transfer and automatic or manual locking hubs could be obtained from the van. 

The Toyota Van has a unibody-like car building, a solid back axle with leaf springs, and a separate front suspension with torsion bars. Sold globally, it is called the Townace/Liteace Overseas. They can be had without windows as a passenger van or a freight van. 

We know that the Toyota Vans always run. And it can be more able off the pavement than you would think, thanks to some of the Toyota truck bases. Parts can be challenging, however, because only three model years have been offered. 

However, one thing is certain: cockroaches and Toyota Vans are the only two things that are likely to sustain in the event of a worldwide nuclear incident. 


  • Cost less than competitors
  • Excellent cargo capacity
  • Small town driving capacity
  • Apple CarPlay Standard, Android Car


  • Motor with low power
  • There is no all-wheel drive
  • No driver support features 

Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon

Like Toyota, the forward unibody van was simply called by Mitsubishi Motors North America in the late 1980s. However, it was just 2WD. This van, which was called Delica Star Wagon, has other parts of the world. 

The overbuilt 4WD carriers have a dizzying range of options, trimming packs, roof heights, and power supply solutions. Since its inception in the mid-1980s, they have been popular with adventure-lovers and still exist in certain SE-Asian markets. 

The Delica Star Wagons are still a love of both camper crowds and Japanese domestic economy (JDM) enthusiasts with a two-speed transportation case and a very versatile interior. 

Many are being built-in to travel overland. And they are able to do so off-road despite their high centers of gravity with stout drive lines, available diesel engines, and a solid rear axle with leaf springs. These super-cool 4Wd vehicles are global swanky thanks to the fancy Crystal Lite roof, outdoor Chamonix and Jasper trim bundles, and S&F styles. 


  • A smooth and reactive drive
  • Excellent capacity for loading and towing
  • The cabin of high quality
  • Impressive Cons security technology


  • High price for the start
  • Some competitors are getting better gas miles
  • Motor runs on high-quality fuel 

Ford Transit AWD

It’s just recently that the full-size Ford Transit van got AWD, but this vehicle was changed. This delivery round has been turned into an all-terrain carrier by the all drive. There is no low data transfer case in the transit. But it offers full-time AWD and a good framework for campers or motorhomes. 

The size of the transport can enable the owners in certain versions to remain standing. For those who need space, but not a large RV, this makes it an effective choice. Three lengths, three heights on the roof, and two motor options are available. 

This includes Ecoboost’s powerful 3.5-liter 310-hp petrol engine. Furthermore, as a new van, a contemporary vehicle offers all the safety features. The Transit can be turned into a difficult utility van or a global camper. There is a lot of equipment. 


  • Smooth V6
  • A huge capacity for cargo
  • Update solutions of high quality
  • Security aids available to drivers


  • Company ride across uneven field No four-wheel-drive option 

Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear

The Delica van called Space Gear was published by Mitsubishi in 1994. This variant has a much rounder style compared to the previous Star Wagon model. The Super Select 4WD transfer box was also available with more powerful motor options. There was a vicious connector in this transmission. 

It allows the van to operate 4WD high with an open center differential, which makes it excellent in snowy weather. However, when the trail is extremely tough, it can also be transformed into high or low-range 4WD. It had a unibody structure, like the Star Wagon. It also had a strong rear axle (which however had spinal springs), and a separate front suspension with torque bars. 

It can also be configured in high or low-roof. Plus, short- and long-wheel-base versions could be purchased.

Until 2007 the Space Gear had been made. The combination of power, convenience, an optional long wheelbase, and decent aftermarket support continues to makes the campers’ lovers, passengers, and off-roaders a popular global alternative. 


  • Flexible business applications platform
  • Large floor loadable cargo space
  • Standard technology for driver safety


  • Some competitors have a better shelter
  • 4-wheel drive paints for off-road traffic
  • Competitive brands provide additional updates. 

Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro

VW vans are used as campers and travel plants for over 60 years. Only the Vanagon Syncro debuted was it capable of AWD. From 1986-1991 in the United States, Vanagon Syncros was offered. These German vans had a 2.1-liter water-cooled 4-cylinder boxer engine, which manufactured 92 HP and operated all four wheels. 

Syncros had a 5-speed manual gearbox and a viscous AWD full-time coupling System. These carriers have come factory with an optional rear lock differential, which made them extremely capable from the box. Add a series of traction tires and Syncros is very good on the road. 

Syncros can be incredibly costly for what they are these days, particularly in excellent condition. Models with such a precious camper system of Westfalia are sometimes considered as the 4WD golden fleece. That’s the one when there is an icon on this list. 


  • Large cargo area with high capacity for loading
  • Easy to drive and comfortable
  • Impressive safety features for drivers
  • Set to a variety of companies


  • One of the best carriers in his class
  • Costly optional facilities 

Quigley Conversions GM Vans

Chevy and GMC vans are not 4WD and they can convert them if one is given to Quigley. Quigley isn’t new; since the middle of the 1960s they have been accommodating out vans. But while they’re equipping a number of car manufacturers, the GMC Savanah/Chevrolet Express is just one building.

The wheelbases, motors, and transmission systems are available in eight various combinations. Quigley uses engines from a small-scale 4.8-liter V-8 petrol engine to a 6.6-liter diesel car. It uses an impartial front suspension with its own unique torsional bar and combines it with a rear axle and leaf springs. 

A different transfer case is also being implemented. Those who want more off-road capabilities can choose 3″ of ride height for their LIFS option. The based company in Pennsylvania does have a long history of awesome 4 or 4 converters. 


  • Large capacity for freight
  • Platforms for heavy use
  • Outstanding acceleration
  • Convenient riding


  • There is no complete wheel drive available
  • Being outdated Limited technological options 

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4

This truck is the gold standard of new 4WD trucks, particularly from a campervan perspective. The Sprinter was first released in North America with 4WD in 2015. The 4WD setup with high and low-range drive modes can be used. Two lengths are available. 

One is a standard or elevated 144″ wheelbase. There is also a 177″ wheelbase model with a high tower and extensive set-up. The V-6 turbodiesel models are equipped with a 3.0litre. 188 hp and 335 lb.-ft. of torque are added to this mill. Three models exist cargo, crew, and fleet with different quantities of window panes and seats. 

The Sprinter is now the honeymoon of the journey crowd. There are countless pieces of equipment ready for Saturday afternoon warriors or global travelers to build the van. The Sprinter is a truly international platform, too. The installation is sold throughout the world. In many parts of the globe, this makes it suitable. This is certainly one of the 10 best 4 alternatives of every time. It’s fair to say. 


  • Excellent capacity for loading and towing
  • Prepared for tough jobs
  • Long journey Comfortable seats
  • Cargo area configurable


  • Not as fuel-efficient as competitors
  • Similar to the truck
  • Few features for information
  • A large roof cannot be found 

Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 (Ford E-Series Cutaway Chassis)

Founded in 1961, Sportsmobile knows one or two things about building a four-wheelers vehicle. They are perhaps best known for the conversions of the 4-four Ford E-Series van. Even if the E-Series van is currently only available as a cut-off, Sportsmobil still converts it. 

The latest is the ‘Classic 4 to 4’ on the Ford cutting chassis of the E-Series. All this is for the discerning enthusiastic on the road. Purchasers receive many premium off-road goodies. The Atlas II, Dynatrac Pro-Rock 60, Dana 60, and Fox 2,0 shocks, and the option of the open, limited-slip, or locking axles. This includes the Atlas II transferrer. This is the fantasy land platform of the off-road van buyer. 

The 7.3-liter V-8 engine and the Torqueshift 5-speed automatic transmission are provided for Sportsmobile Classic 4 to 4. Most notably, behind the main cab, Sportsmobile is now molding a fiberglass reinforced steel shell. The built-in penthouse top declines in for a streamlined look into the shell. These vans offer limitless opportunities and can take you anyplace. 


  • Strong workforce for demanding jobs
  • Impressive load and freight space
  • Low price for the start


  • Platform outdated
  • Few features of driver support
  • No system for infotainment


If you have the budget for this, Mercedes will probably offer both heavy and light-duty old vans with good gas mileage prerequisites the overall best performance. However, there are plenty of other viable alternatives if you don’t like investing that much in initial purchases or maintenance.

Your cars and your staff say a lot about your company’s standards of professionalism. Furthermore, drivers like the good handling and safe feeling of a reliable, well-compiled vehicle on the road.

When it is time to add your fleet, please ensure that you have made your research in order to make sure your company selects the right cars.