Are Minivans Good for Long Road Trips? (a how-to guide)

Certainly, a minivan isn’t the fastest, sportiest or even the most delightful looking car to have but for day-to-day travel needs, there is hardly a superior alternative if you are taking a large group.

Back during the 80s, minivans were all the rage, with these vehicles being a favorite among the couple families and youths. 

Nowadays, minivans are a rarer sight on American roads; their distinct quality has since been replaced by the rising popularity of SUVs and hybrids.

Minivans are regularly underrated as they are not really traditional cars and are not campers. But there are many advantages to renting a Minivan and driving to see the absolute best destinations America has to offer.

With that said, owning a minivan can give various advantages over the other car types. Here are great reasons to purchase a minivan this year.

They Are Super Practical

To start with, we should talk about storage space, which many minivans will, in general, have a very abundant amount of space. Regardless of whether it is getting the month’s shopping or packing in the equipment and hardware for your camping trip, you do not have to stress over running out of space within a minivan.

And if in those rare instances, you are not able to fit in all your luggage things, you can simply flap the back columns seats and adequately double the storage space.

Minivans also give a lot of passenger space and seating – a whole family of 5 in addition to 3 friends (or relatives) can fit in many of these vehicles comfortably. On average, minivans have five more creeps of legroom and 15 more crawls of inside room space than their third column than three-line SUV opponents.

They Provide Excellent Value for the Money

Because demand nowadays is low for a minivan, it is easier for you to get a good deal on the purchase of one. With the costs compared to that of another minivan and a three-line SUV, you are probably going to pay $6300-8000 less for the previous over the modern. Adding in luxury models broadens the value gap much further with the average very good quality SUV costing $18,300 more than its minivan opponent.

Running expenses on a minivan is also cheaper. Mile per mile, a minivan is quite possibly the most affordable choice of any other car type of a similar size thanks to its lower maintenance needs and generally higher eco-friendliness. Because of the demography minivans are usually associated with, and that they rarely appear in accidents records, the insurance coverage will in general be very cheap as well.

Easy to Get in and Out of

Because of their extremely low profile, even the smallest children can easily move into a minivan. The same remains constant for the old and handicapped. And with its controlled sliding doors, there are no stresses over one’s hand or foot getting harmed, as regularly happens with an accidental slam of a car door.

Fueled sliding doors also mean that it’s easier to get in the van in relatively narrow parked spaces or then again if both of your hands are somewhat busy withholding food, small children, or different things. The same is valid if the van is parked in a steeply slanted position. With a press of a button, it springs open for you to easily get inside.

Imagine trying to get into any other large vehicle parked in a dubious way. Trying to open its big and heavy doors would certainly be awkward and even dangerous, especially when you are carrying things in your hands.

Ideal for Long Road Trips

In a minivan, passengers are not restrained close to each other while seated. Instead, they can comfortably remain seated for hours with a lot of space to loosen up their arms and legs. In addition, because there is frequently a sizable amount of space for your luggage, rarely will your passengers even wind up in the predicament of having to battle with any extra load that couldn’t be fit in the cargo space.

Magnificent Utility

Try not to let the tentative and urban appearance of a forefront minivan fool you – many of them can boast of amazing utility. Take the Toyota Sienna as an example. It’s an all-wheel-drive with a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. Others, like the Nissan NV and the Mercedes-Benz Metris, have towing capability that can nearly rival that of larger SUVs and some personal trucks.

While most minivans are not intended to be rough terrain vehicles, they can in any case get by pleasantly on the less demanding tracks, for example, gravel trails and back roads.



Driving a minivan is safer than most other car types. Compared to SUVs and hybrids, minivans have a much lower focus on gravity, giving them better road stability. Their lower profile also helps in lessening the impact of an accident. Both it and the other impacting car are probably going to come most in contact with each other at their fold zones.

The safety value of a forefront minivan is additionally enhanced by the great range of advanced safety and driver assistance features that typically come as standard. This includes such choices as adaptive journey control, rear-view camera, pre-impact safety framework, lane aid, as well as emergency brake aid.

Performance-wise, They Are an SUV’s Equal

A lot of readers may be stunned to read the above title, but it’s proven. Performance-wise, minivans have worked on monstrously throughout the long term. While a few SUVs may have the edge with regard to control, minivans beat them with regard to handling and controlling. This is because they are usually based on platforms similar to that of cars, while the plan of SUV platforms relates more to that of trucks. The recent is better for going mud romping while the past is especially worked for the urban climate.



Minivans are an exceptionally cheap way to travel throughout the US. Minivan rentals start from $25/day – that’s right – $25/day. And even in peak season – Christmas and New Year – you are taking a look at a maximum of around $55/day. You won’t track down a rental car at a particularly cheap rate. It costs not exactly a case of lager. And imagine you are traveling with a group of friends and can separate the expenses… it’s a real bargain.

Number of passengers

Minivans can fit up to 5 individuals (depending upon the model some of the time more) – it is extremely ample and is suitable for single travelers, a couple, a group of friends, or a family. Splitting the expenses between 2 to 5 individuals makes renting a Minivan quite possibly the most economical way to travel throughout the United States.


Minivans offer a lot of space. You can fit many suitcases, bags, and other luggage into the vehicle’s rear. Again – relying upon the number of individuals who will travel – you will not be battling with storage space compared to a campervan.


All Minivans are automatic, which allows for a hassle-complementary lift around the US. Minivans are more compact than a campervan, allowing more individuals to rent a minivan as not every person is comfortable driving the large campervans.


Traveling with children can at times be precarious, depending upon their age. If a kid is under 8 years old in the US, you have limited alternatives when renting a campervan. Minivans are suitable for families with kids from the age of a half year (some even from the age of multi-month) in addition to give a lot of space to a baby carrier at the back.

Sliding back doors

This could in all likelihood be an error among many SUV customers as the stigma of owning a minivan can easily be a blindfold. We can’t pressure enough how helpful sliding back doors are with regards to loading in babies, car seats, cargo, and different passengers. Is the minivan parked on a driveway or a slope? Don’t sweat on it. All of the minivans today accompany power sliding doors that are nearby with the touch of a button.

An SUV, then again, has large heavy doors that can be lumbering, and even dangerous, on a slope. Unfortunately, gravity isn’t your friend when trying to load a kid in a car seat with an SUV parked on a slope, but with a minivan, it’s a non-issue.


Tow capabilities

Certainly, almost any three-line SUV can tow in excess of a minivan, but there are still a few choices. The Toyota Sienna has the alternative of all-wheel drive and each minivan on the market can tow 3,500 pounds, which is sufficient for a small trailer. If you’re hoping to tow rough ground or need more power, then, at that point an SUV could be a superior choice.

Something else, don’t forget about a minivan if you don’t have to tow a lot.


While you can’t really expect amazing efficiency numbers from a minivan, they do get the same mileage or better than most SUVs. For example, the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna are rated at 19 city/28 highway and 19/26, separately, while the Honda Pilot and Hyundai Palisade are rated at 19/26 and 19/24, individually.

Considering you get greater practicality with a minivan, and the same or better eco-friendliness, we would say that a minivan is a superior decision.

Practical features

All of the minivans currently on the market accompany the usual auto-drive and safety features like adaptive voyage control, lane assist, and frontal accident warning. But some of them accompany other practical features like the HondaVac in the Honda Odyssey and the second-column, spring-up ottoman seats in the Toyota Sienna. Have a go at discovering features like that in an SUV. 

The Benefits for Those Who Opt to Rent a Minivan 

If you are traveling with many individuals, there are a lot of benefits to picking a minivan. Here are only a couple of benefits:

  • You can rent a minivan that can fit a large group, in some cases up to seven to nine passengers, which can make for much more fun than a caravan of cheaper vehicles that keeps everybody separate
  • It is significantly more affordable. While the days or week after week van rent costs appear to be higher than that of a vehicle, when you are driving various, cheap rentals, it will regularly amount to considerably more. Also, when you rent a minivan, there is one gas tank that should be renewed and not at least two.
  • There is significantly more space, and while it very well might be possible to travel comfortably in a sedan, consider how much more pleasant a trip will be when everybody has “breathing room”. Children can spread out and not get on each other so easily, and adults will not get overheated as well.
  • These vehicles are actually planned with families and/or groups as a top priority. At the point when you decide on a van rent, it typically means that the vehicle is designed with comfort, fun, and relaxation as much as convenience. There will be entertainment features, individual climate controls, roomier seats, and more. Not exclusively will this make travel a bit more fun, but if it is a functioning visit, the choice to rent a minivan could mean much greater productivity.
  • Less pressure is also the final product for the individuals who select the van rent more than at least one sedan or different vehicles. Everybody, including the driver, has much less to stress over, is far more comfortable, and can participate in the business of the whole group.


The good news is that probably the best locally based suppliers make a van rent available, as well.

Rather than battling with the traffic, you can instead get a bus to the rental company’s part outside of the airport and drive easily to your destination. You may even find that your whole group can be gotten up airport or other locations and carried right to the rental van.

Final thoughts

We are very much aware of the stigma that has come to be associated with the responsibility, but if one can look past this rather unjustified label, they will see a car that, in various measurements, ends up being able to carry great value.

Moreover, at the day’s end, if one is searching for a great family vehicle, convenience and safety ought to be at the top of their psyche, not looks or how energetic the driving experience is.