Will IKEA Furniture Fit in My Car?

When you are going on an IKEA trip, it is easy to forget how much space you will be using up in your automobile.

Even if your vehicle is small, the small size of IKEA flat pack furniture packages means that you will be able to accommodate all of the furniture items inside.

If you are able to pack all of the IKEA furniture pieces into your vehicle, then the shipping service that IKEA offers will deliver the furniture to your house for a small flat rate of $49.

This flat rate will give you time to make other arrangements while on the trip. If you choose to go ahead and pack the furniture in your vehicle on the trip, then you will find that the company will not be sending out shipping containers because they do not know where they will be distributing their furniture.

A lot of people who go on IKEA trips will choose to carry lightweight flat-pack furniture rather than traditional bulky furniture that is too heavy to transport.

If you plan to carry lightweight furniture in your vehicle, then you will want to make sure that your vehicle will be in good shape before you even leave the house with all of your IKEA furniture pieces in the backseat.

Some vehicles can be more susceptible to damage than others, so you will want to check your vehicle to see if it is in good condition and whether or not the paint job is intact.

You should also check the tire tread and the condition of the brakes. If you notice anything damaged, then you should ditch the idea of taking the furniture in your vehicle.

While you are planning your trip, you should also have a list of all of the stops that you will be making so that you will know exactly where you will need to return the flat-pack furniture once you get to your destination.

This will help you avoid packing for faraway places when you realize that the furniture will not fit in your vehicle. If you are returning the furniture to a store, then you should calculate how much each item will cost and if you are able to rent some of the items at the store before you leave on your trip.

This will give you enough extra income to cover the expenses of returning the flat pack furniture to the store and may allow you to buy some items along the way.

If you choose to drive the furniture home with you, then you will have to take it very slowly inside the car.

Allow plenty of time to load the items inside of the car. When you arrive at the store with your furniture, you will need to remove the items one by one from the car and set them all in front of you in the order that you received them.

Then you will need to remove the boxes that have the flat items in them and place them in the storage area inside of your car. It may be wise to bring a friend or family member with you.

How will iKEA furniture fit in my car?

Well, it’s easy. You might want to sit in the car and using the rear view mirror to see what is behind you. You can open the door of the minivan or put the shopping bags down so that you can see the contents of the car easily.

Then you will need to do the same thing when you are standing on the ramp and looking at the furniture from the street.

Once you arrive at the store with your shopping bags, you will need to know whether or not the furniture will fit in the boot or the trunk of the car.

If you find that the furniture does not fit, then you should go back inside and find another vendor until you find the correct furniture.

If you need help finding the correct furniture, then you should ask one of the staff members at the store. They will usually be happy to point you in the direction of the right vendors.