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Does BMW Have Apple Carplay? (a how-to guide)

BMW launched CarPlay a few years ago, and other brand names could not meet a simple yet significant benefit: the ability to wirelessly connect iPhones on USB.

This comfort is not lost for BMW, which has made the CarPlay membership through ConnectedDrive’s suite of app services at $80 a year or $300 for 20 years, from a $300 stand-alone alternative for the new 2019 year. 

It is the factory-developed Apple OS for the news and entertainment screens, which are now at the center of motor life. CarPlay Apple aims progressively to provide iPhone users with better features and performance when trying to connect smartphones to their vehicle for driving. 

Progressively managed to install by a large range of producers in new cars. This is done through ‘spotlight’ iPhone-based key applications and features on the car’s own dashboard display that can be monitored with the touch screen, wheel controls, or voice control.

Some models are now able to connect your phone to your car without the need for a cable, with wireless Apple Carplay features. 

For the first year, owners can enjoy free CarPlay after which they will be disabled remote location unless a person pays for a subscribing.

BMW said that most vehicle owners with the 2019 model cars are within their one-year tests and will automatically have seen the service renewed.

Anybody who had an expired trial needs to see the provider pop back up now. Anyone paying for a subscription is reimbursed. And finally, anyone who purchases a new BMW this day does not need to worry about it; it is standard for all navigation vehicles. 

BMW told C/D because when Apple updated software, it would have to charge CarPlay customers since wireless technology could lead to compatibility problems with other factory-installed functionality. The fee was to be paid for BMW’s time to create new iDrive system updates. Now BMW chose a better concept to keep CarPlay functioning free of charge.

It’s a nice victory for consumers, particularly from BMW, which offers several characteristics, including a nearby entry, garage openers, and lumbar support. Perhaps this is the start of another approach. 

The best way of connecting your Apple iPhone to your new BMW is through Apple CarPlay on all BMW iDrive 7 models. Track your Apple iPhone and Apple CarPlaying with this simple step-by-step guide:

  • Ensure your iPhone is activated for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Siri.
  • Click COM > Touch phones > New Device > Phone and audio on the bottom left of your iDrive 7 screen. Now your iPhone can be discovered and nearby devices displayed. 
  • Choose the BMW from the Bluetooth menu on your iPhone. Both of these start to pair now and your iDrive 7 display confirms your request for pairing.
  • Confirm the PIN that will match the screens of your iDrive 7 and iPhone, then tap Yes.
  • On your iDrive 7 screen, choose the option to connect to Apple CarPlay. You can connect your iPhone and BMW iDrive 7 to the Apple CarPlay system.

BMW X5 CarPlay doesn’t work

When you attach your iPhone to your vehicle the Apple CarPlay option doesn’t really display the touchscreen on your X5, this can be for a number of reasons:

  • In the infotainment system configuration of your X5, CarPlay is disabled.
  • CarPlay deactivated on your iPhone and facilitates both CarPlay and Siri, go to the ‘Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy limitations > Allowed Apps’ button.
  • Wifi or Bluetooth on your iPhone is disabled and ensures that both are activated.
  • The Lightning to USB cable you’re struggling to link with. BMW X5, via a USB connection, doesn’t really support CarPlay. Only Apple CarPlay wireless is accessible via Bluetooth. 
  • The CarPlay problem is caused by a software glitch. After your iPhone has been removed from the car, you can repair your iPhone and conversely. The X5 news and entertainment system and/or your iPhone can also be reset to its factory settings.
  • You’ve got an older X5 model not supporting Apple CarPlay. BMW X5 cars are consistent with CarPlay only for 2017 and later model years. 

BMW X5 with Siri

Siri is the voice control function of Apple that allows you to focus on the road while driving your X5 because you control iPhone functionality with voice control.

You can make telephone calls, listen to text messages, play music on your iPhone, find the instructions, and use other hands-free features on your iPhone. You can even request Siri on your calendar for current conditions, stock prices, or calendar events. 

Press and hold the talk button on your X5 steering wheel until you listen to Siri.

The home button located below the left corner of the CarPlay App is also available to access Siri.

Speak clearly and reduce ambient noise by closing the windows and moonroof for best results when using Siri. In addition, direct air vents on the dashboard not to point to the microphone of the vehicle. 

What X5 models do CarPlay support?

BMW X5 cars are consistent with the Apple CarPlay wireless in 2017 and the later model year.

Google Maps for CarPlay on BMW X5

You can use Google Maps in Apple CarPlay on your X5 if your iPhone has iOS 14+ OS. Google Maps can now be used on the main screen in Apple. Since iOS 12, Apple has permitted the map service of the competitor, but the newly introduced home screen in iOS 13 in 2019 could still not have any maps. 

Here, Apple’s own map services still were limited to users. This changes with iOS 14. The final provider used to view is now instantly picked by CarPlay. 

BMW X5 with CarPlay with awaze navigation

If your iOS 12 or greater operating system has been installed on your iPhone, you can use the Waze navigation application in CarPlay. Download and install the Waze app on your iPhone from the App Store and then start CarPlay on the X5 system display. To start the app, tap the Waze icon.

Spotify on X5 Use

You can play music on your X5 using Spotify. Just install the Spotify application from the App Store and its icon appears during CarPlay active on the news and entertainment display. 

You could indeed play hands-free music with Spotify with Siri via voice commands. Simply add “Optimize” at the end to allow Siri to know which service you are talking about (e.g. “Hey, Siri, play on Spotify’s Playlist ‘Yur Mix of the Week’).

Siri can perform songs, performers, albums, playlists, podcasts, and much more. You could “love” music as well, ask what is playing (e.g. volume, skip a song, play/pause) and control playback.

Driving doesn’t disturb

Keep your eyes on the road when you drive. Naturally, you can quickly check the navigating device to avoid missing the next junction. The function “Do not disturb driving” is enabled to prevent your iPhone from distracting you while driving your X5, by means of unnecessary notifications.

This option is also extended to CarPlay by iOS 13. Go to Configuration on your iPhone > Do not disturb, scroll down and touch “Enable” under “Don’t disturb driving.”

Not all applications are CarPlay compatible

If you believe that you can use CarPlay for your BMW X5, all your iPhone apps will be wrong. There is a small choice of suitable applications and restrictions must be met, especially with messengers. Almost solely through Siri, iMessage, and WhatsApp can be controlled. 

CarPlay Sort Apps

With your iPhone, you can easily and effectively sort CarPlay apps into your X5. Go to Settings > General > CarPlay, then click on the “my cars” button. You can change the app icons on the next screen by having to touch it and dragging it. The icons can also be hidden by hitting the button. 

How do carplay apps work?

Apple CarPlay cars are used smoothly with your iPhone, so it is worth your time to gain knowledge of how and where to set up Apple CarPlay. This innovation offers a broad spectrum of advanced comforts. Check the direction in onderry turn-by-turn, find a restaurant nearby, stream your favorite music, make hands-free calls and texts, etc. 

CarPlay enables you to receive the information and entertainment you need without looking out of the Auburn roads and to make your ride quality safer and much more fun.

The recent upgrade to CarPlay – what’s new?

A new dashboard screen that can be configured for your favorite apps is the greatest and most obvious change to CarPlay on iOS 13. Whereas before you had to flip between apps on different screens to manage them, here on the left of the screen you can see an apps menu, and then on the right-hand side you get audio and Siri suggestions based on your typical navigational choices or apps. 

With enhanced access to key features, you can concentrate more on-street and less on the monitor. 

CarPlay also works with Apple’s Siri AI Assistant, but the new update allows Siri to work while other characteristics are still showing; for example, you don’t need to lose sight of the menu bar when you’re “checking Siri.”

In order to make it easier to discover your music tracks and your music suggestions, and give more prominence to the visuals of the album cover, the Apple Music CarPlay screen was also updated. 

The newest calendar feature in CarPlay now gives you the opportunity to view dates and scroll through screen submissions and different light display themes that make the CarPlay interface more mood-effective and greater quality in bright, artificial light.

The latest CarPlay upgrade also has one big advantage: when you’re connected to the car, it doesn’t freeze your phone again. Without interrupting the CarPlay interface or what is showcased on the dashboard, you or a commuter now can scroll via an iPhone characteristic of a handset. 

How Apple CarPlay is connected

CarPlay is a simple way of connecting your iPhone (or iPad/iPod) to your car immediately – just plug it into a USB socket (although some car manufacturers are now offering CarPlay wireless connections), follow the relatively short on-screen instruction to unlock your phone to enable CarPlay to reach it, and roll it. And you just need this once – your iPhone will log in to the CarPlay link on your car and will begin to work instantly the next time you access it. 

The entertainment system screen displays a vehicle menu on your iPhone when connecting CarPlay. Pre-installed iPhone applications, such as phones, music, maps, message boxes, books on tape, and podcasts, can also be accessed via a touch screen, a car’s multi-function drive wheel, or via voicemail.

It is much easier to do that than to try and then use your iPhone while going to drive because this is a massive safety risk, which of course is a fine offense. 


Maps of Apple

CarPlay’s use of Apple Maps is one of the key focuses. Apple installed the Map app on all iPhone and iPad gadgets as standard, meaning you can use the satellite navigation on your car for a portion of the factory-equipping navigation systems as it is fully CarPlay compatible. 

It displays turn-by-turn directions on your car’s infotainment screen and offers the full range of location search and destination functions that a conventional nav system offers.

Actually, some car manufacturers already drop the option of satellite navigation on cars fitted with CarPlay, which is likely to be out of date in a couple of years.