Are Bath Towels Good For Drying Cars? (Read This First)

Washing your car can be a daunting task.

It’s one of the many things you can do to your car that gives great results. And when you have an engaging car like mine, there could be no simpler method to give your spirit a lift than to just tidy up your car with a speedy wash.

Like all tasks, it’s reasonable to get disappointed if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re doing.

With regards to washing a car, neglecting to dry it appropriately can prompt water spots and streaks that make your drive to a car show or post on Instagram not exactly agreeable. That is the reason the drive needs a few minutes to fill you in on the best way to appropriately dry your car.

Reasons for Using A Bath Towel

You’d figure there’s no difference between drying yourself off after a shower and drying off your car after it gets washed. Although the towel absorbs most of the water from the car, it’s likewise scratching your paint.

These outcomes are extremely normal to find in cars. Since it’s not simply the drying part that causes the scratches and twirls, It likewise has a lot to do with how you wash the car and how you handle it when you’re making the rounds, for example, do you allow individuals to incline toward the car?

Do you use your car as a table? and so on:

Will Taking It To A Car Wash Help?

Regardless of whether you took your car to a car wash, you’d still get the same results as you did by using the bath towel.

The reason being is because although the car wash spot might use a car-specific drying towel, the nature of that towel is most likely low and it’s presumably been used a lot that day.

To make it a stride further, if you don’t anticipate eliminating the whirls and scratches from your car’s paint, then, at that point changing your washing and/or drying techniques won’t affect at all your car’s paint.

What Do You Need To Dry My Paint Properly?

I’m certain you have seen the drying towels at your nearby auto parts store, those are the ones you need to avoid. There’s a lot of incredible drying towels in online stores.

They’re made of microfiber (as opposed to bad quality towels that are made of modest calfskin or nylon) and have different kinds of microfiber examples to them.

Towel Drying

Keep off the dish clothes, bathroom towels, and paper towels (yes I’ve seen somebody dry their car with paper towels, eek).

Those kinds of textures and materials are excessively forceful for your paint and they don’t remove water well enough.

Modest chamois are not encouraged and here is why:

  • Since new chamois have no rest (free filaments), any soil that ends up falling on the car while drying simply gets hauled across the paint.
  • If you’re not kidding about keeping your paint unblemished you need to put resources into a good quality microfiber towel or quality chamois.
  • The common, for good explanation, is the waffle weave microfiber towel. I suggest one something like 20″ x 40″ for most vehicles.
  • These towels have madly good water engrossing properties and are adequately delicate to not deface your paint if you’re delicate.

Simply ensure you buy one that has moved edges and uses a delicate string. Modest towels with crude edges and unpleasant strings will scratch your paint. Become familiar with microfiber towels.

You’ve gone the entire evening time cleaning your car so it sparkles. But then, at that point, you take a cloth to dry it, and everything you can see is streaks and spots. If you use a towel when washing your car, you have to do a similar thing when you dry it. And that includes realizing the best car drying towel to use.

There are a lot of towels out there, from sizes to materials. Before you pick a random one to dry your car, think about the most productive and powerful choices. Find the best drying towels for cars, alongside valuable tips for keeping up with those towels and drying your vehicle.

Why Use Car Drying Towels?

While you might be enticed to go after a cloth to dry your car after washing it, you have better alternatives. Auto and car drying towels are either made considering vehicles or treat your vehicle gently while still giving receptiveness, solidness and quality. You invest wholeheartedly in your car and the task you’ve completed washing it, so you should use the best drying towels available.

If you own a car wash and dry clients’ vehicles by hand, you particularly need to use the best towels for cars. Doing as such will give their cars the expert dry and sparkle they anticipate from a car wash. Regardless of whether you’re drying many cars daily or washing and drying yours infrequently, use a vehicle drying towel to:

  • Stay away from streaks: You would prefer not to invest the work of cleaning your car just to dry it and make an inconsistent, dirty completion. Keep your car’s paint looking sparkly and smooth with the right towels and drying strategies. That will constantly put you into cleaning your car.
  • Secure the paintwork: some unacceptable towel can scratch your car’s paint, and no vehicle owner needs that. Unpleasant or grimy materials leave blemishes on the unmistakable coat, drawing into the paint and affecting your vehicle’s immaculate appearance.
  • Dry it effectively: With helpless retentiveness, a cloth will make you work more diligently to clean your car. Use a permeable car drying towel all things being equal, and you’ll make the work a lot simpler on yourself.
  • Save money: Some vehicle owners go after a roll of paper towels to dry their cars. Using disposable paper towels creates waste and dangers of scratching the paintwork, so you have to pick drying towels over those one-use choices.

Best Car Drying Towels

You need the best towel to dry your car, and that includes picking the best size and material that motivates you. Generally speaking, search for something that is:

  • Advantageous: The best car drying towel will be the ideal size. But being large isn’t always the best; you don’t need to bother with a bath towel to dry your car. However, if you have a bigger vehicle, you’ll need a cloth that is bigger than the normal washcloth. Pick a material that is around hand towel size so you can undoubtedly crease it in your hand to dry little regions or unfurl it for huge vehicles.
  • Smooth: Choose materials that are smooth all along and just become smooth with each use and wash. That will assist with securing your car’s paintwork and clear coat from scratches.
  • Spongy: You need to dry your car rapidly and proficiently. A spongy towel absorbs all the water and keeps any from staying on your car, which can dry and make spots.
  • Strong: Whether you’re purchasing towels for a car wash business or home use, you need them to last. Your materials should stand up to rehashed uses and washes, which will set aside your money over the long run.

Get those advantages by shopping with a quality cloth maker and picking the best towels for drying cars. Those clothes include:

1. Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber drying towels are a reasonable choice for drying your car, particularly when you shop discount valuing with towel super center. These fabrics have filaments more slender than silk string, for the most part in a polyester and nylon.

While polyester towels with thicker strings might scratch your car’s paint, the slight ones on microfiber drying towels don’t represent that equivalent harm.

Car washes and car owners will in general pick microfiber over different fabrics. These accompany different advantages that make them engaging as a towel to dry your vehicle:

  • They can retain up to multiple times their weight in moisture.
  • They are frequently denser than different materials, giving them better quality and receptiveness.
  • They come in different sizes and shapes.
  • They offer a build-up-free completion for drying your vehicle.

Make sure to pick quality microfiber materials to get those and different advantages. Less expensive towels can leave behind fiber particles, which clout your vehicle’s perfection. You may likewise require a couple of microfiber towels to dry your vehicle completely, particularly if it’s a bigger one. Have a couple on hand and try not to attempt to dry your car with a soggy microfiber, as that can leave streaks.

2. Chamois Towels

You may likewise call these towels “shammies,” and they are a well-known alternative to dry your car with. A chamois towel has a smooth perfection and can likewise be called chamois cowhide. Normal varieties used to be put away, while manufactured alternatives regularly highlight thick rayon. The material offers high permeability, and numerous car proprietors discover they just need one chamois towel to dry their cars, depending on the vehicle’s size.

There may be a greater extent of an expectation to absorb information with a chamois as opposed to there is with a microfiber towel. If you use a chamois towel accurately, however, you can try not to scratch your car, so you ought to:

  • Use it somehow clammy: A chamois turns out to be stiff when it’s dry, and that might scratch your vehicle. These fabrics are permeable, so using a marginally moist one will not affect your drying time or capacity.
  • Use it carefully: Because a chamois towel is so balanced, it can undoubtedly pull to the car’s surface. If you press the material excessively hard and drag it, it’ll pull along any flotsam and jetsam, potentially scratching your paintwork.

Which is better in the fight between chamois versus microfiber? Most car washes pick microfiber depending on quality and cost. But if you’re a car owner searching for a drying answer for one vehicle, you could think about chamois and microfiber.

3. Cotton Washcloths

Use these washcloths for drying your tires. Washcloths and hand towels made with 100% cotton are delicate and permeable, reasonable for cleaning your vehicle. To get the most ideal dry, we suggest saving cotton towels for the tires and car inside. You should use different towels to spot and dry these parts of your car in any case, so you should pick the most productive alternative.

For the best outcomes from washing your car, start by washing the tires first. Include the water and continue to the remaining part of your vehicle. Using the similar water you use on your tires for the remainder of your car can follow soil and stone onto the body. That could scratch the paintwork when you dry your vehicle, regardless of how clean your drying chamois or microfiber material is.

If you get new cotton washcloths or hand towels for drying parts of your car, make sure to use them. Run the materials through a wash and dry cycle. That can make them more retentive because a few manufacturers use a cover on the filaments to make them feel gentler. While that cover feels pleasant, it forestalls how much water the cloth’s filaments can assimilate. Indeed, even without that covering, an underlying wash helps a towel become more spongy.

Instructions to Launder Car Drying Towels

You are using these drying towels to clean your car, so they have to be perfect themselves. Regardless of whether you need to use a couple of different materials for your car or pick one type, you should realize how to keep up with them.

You can also follow the tips for washing your car towels.

The most effective method to Wash and Dry Microfiber Cloths

If you’re using these well-known towels to dry your car, you need to care for them accurately. Best washing strategies will safeguard the slim filaments and keep your microfiber functioning admirably over the long period. Follow these means to wash and dry your microfiber drying towels:

  • Air dry them: Ideally, you’ll air dry your microfiber materials for the best outcomes. They’ll keep up with their quality longer, and they will not build-up from different clothes you would place in the dryer altogether.
  • Keep away from high warmth: If you do put your microfiber fabrics in the dryer, use low or no warmth. Since this current material’s strands are so dainty, a lot of warmth could liquefy them and bring them together, taking part in the receptiveness.
  • Keep away from texture sheets and conditioners: Microfiber materials are viable at cleaning surfaces due to their slight static charge. Using a cleansing agent or a dryer sheet could destroy that charge and make your car towels less compelling, particularly if you likewise use them to tidy the inside.

Step by step instructions to Wash and Dry Chamois

A chamois towel has normal oils that make it compelling. Using some unacceptable washing and drying techniques could eliminate those oils and ruin the material. The actual material is sensitive, so when you wash chamois towels, make certain to:

  • Wash them by hand: Use synthetic-free water to hand wash your chamois towels. Machine washing would be excessively unpleasant for this material.
  • Wash them with a cleanser made for vehicles: Reserve your chamois for car drying purposes, and don’t wash them with a laundry cleanser or dish cleanser.
  • Air-dry the chamois: Gently crush out the unmeasurable water whenever you’re finished washing and pass on the towel to air dry.
  • Hang it someplace out of direct daylight so it doesn’t dry excessively quickly.
  • Work the fabric once it’s dry: Chamois can harden once it dries, but if you scrunch the material and work it across a smooth, hard surface, it can become gentler.
  • Keep these towels separate from others: Avoid putting away your car-drying towels with your family materials. You don’t need somebody drying off or tidying up a spill with microfiber implied for your car. That could spoil the fabric and mean harm when you dry your vehicle.
  • Use different tones: Keep your car drying fabrics separate from different ones by getting different tones. You could even shade code your auto towels depending on what you use them for, picking particular shapes for the tires, inside, outside, and windows.
  • Separate spotless and used fabrics: As you dry your car, try not to place a pre-owned material in with new ones. 

Instructions to Wash and Dry Cotton Linens

Wash cotton towels with other cotton towels to get build-up on your attire or harming your materials. In light of that, you can machine wash and dry your cotton car drying towels. Use these tips to keep them enduring:

  • Start by spotting the excess water spots on the car.
  • You would prefer not to drag a towel around your car if you can help it and you surely don’t have any desire to do it while it’s dry.
  • Whenever you’ve completed the process of blotching up the water on the car, you can delicately wipe in straight movements to eliminate the last bit of water.


So, would you say you are using a bath towel to dry your car? If thus, it’s something bad to do, simply realize that the nature of your paint is reducing as the twirls and scratches will make your paint look dull and blurred.

To truly ensure you’re not scouring your paint more than you ought to play out each of the three procedures altogether. Flood the paint with water so it removes the majority of the water drops from the car. Blow-dry a lot of what is left. At last, spot-up any water drops you tried to pursue off the paint with the blower.

If you can’t swing the blower then, at that point do the water drying followed by a wipe down with a quality waffle weave or chamois drying towel.

When the paint is cleaned down, continue cleaning the entirety of your door frames, wheels, and motor inlet with multi-reason itemizing towels. You would prefer not to use your premium drying towels around there because you might be ruining them.

Regardless of whether you buy an excellent drying towel but don’t eliminate the whirls and scratches, very little will change in the presence of your car.