Are Uhaul Trucks Reliable? (a how-to guide)

When it comes time to plan your booking on moving day, you should choose whether a one-way moving truck rental or an all-around rental best suits your necessities. If you plan on moving to another city or are moving out of state, a one-way truck rental is an easy decision. 

Clearly, you’re not going to sit around driving out of your way to return your moving truck. That simply doesn’t bode well

If you are doing a more simple move, therefore, your underlying response is probably going to pick an around rental. Without taking a gander at a portion of the potential advantages involved in a one-way moving truck rental, the decision may not be so clear.

One-Way Rental Discounts Offered

Always select one-way U-Haul charges that might be offered at a discount depending on the need for rental in specific regions. The date on which you are moving may likewise influence your evaluation — Moving Sunday through Thursday can frequently get a good deal on your trip.

One-Way Pricing

The U-Haul truck rate for a one-way move is a predetermined dollar amount depends on the truck size, starting place, and your objective. As a client, you get a licensed mileage and a set number of days to complete your turn. 

Approved days and mileage are determined to allow you to end the move with no additional charges. Unused days or mileage are not discounted. Extra days and extra miles are charged at the pre-concurred rate on the contract. Upon registration fuel, vehicle harm and vehicle condition will be verified. 

With U-Haul, you can even check the truck in yourself with your smartphone if you decide to self-return your truck.

30 Days of Free Storage

Who doesn’t love free things? When you decide to move one way, taking an interest in U-Haul stores will offer 30 days of free stockpiling. You have the alternative of picking any size stockpiling unit for your free 30 days, given that the size you are mentioning is accessible. 

Make sure to call the U-Haul store preceding your change to verify this. This is incredibly helpful if you reach town before your new residence is prepared to move in. It can likewise be useful if you were at that point hoping to save a capacity unit. 

U-Haul self-stockpiling units are accessible for 7 days, including occasions, and most areas offer every minute of everyday access, so when you’re prepared to move into your new residence or access the things you can surely do as such.

Save Time Moving, Make Time to Relax

With more than 20,000 U-Haul stores and seller areas across the United States and Canada, odds are there is an area nearer to your new residence than your underlying rental area. This gets a good deal on additional miles and fuel. 

This implies that you can get to your new home sooner, begin emptying sooner and get to relaxing on your love seat sooner. Accelerate the interaction much further by using U-Haul Truck Share, highlighting Self-Pick-Up and Self-Return alternatives, allowing you to continue on your time and nobody else’s.

Extraordinary Features



For Convenience

U-Haul trucks are intended to make your activity simpler. All moving trucks are designed so the stacking deck is as low to the ground as could really be expected, making stacking half simpler than with a cargo truck.

Additionally, trucks 15′ and above accompany a wide, solid stacking slope. Thus, you can just move things up into your truck using a cart, as opposed to lifting them in.

For Safety

Cargo vans, just as each size box truck, are outfitted with straps and rub rails to guarantee your things stay secure on the way. U-Haul trucks 15′ and above is a convenient compartment that rests over the taxi of the truck. 

It is intended to hold your delicate things, like tools, so they aren’t on a similar level as your heavier things. U-Haul trucks additionally have large mirrors and taxis for better driving ability, just as safety belts.


Focus on your spending plan during a move. Luckily, U-Haul truck rentals start at only $19.95, in addition to mileage and fuel for around moves. If you have a significant distance move, you can get a general rate that incorporates mileage with a one-way rental. 

U-Haul trucks use unleaded gas and have eco-friendly V-8 motors, which is uplifting news for your wallet. Their position of a safety plan with improved streamlined features likewise saves money on fuel.

Different Sizes

U-Haul trucks come in a few structures and sizes. Depending upon the size of your turn, you have alternatives going from an 8′ pickup truck to a 26′ moving truck. Every vehicle is intended for a specific kind of move, so there’s no thought about when you hold your truck.

Public inclusion



A significant number of the larger moving truck and van rental organizations keep up with getting and drop-off focuses in the most significant urban communities across the United States. Regardless of whether you move to another state, most organizations will have a help place close by where you can return the truck whenever you’re done with it.

Different truck sizes

If you have a few family things to move, you can set aside cash by leasing a more modest moving truck. 

Most moving truck rental organizations offer trucks with a scope of limits so discovering one to accommodate your things serenely is typically simple.

By picking the right size truck, you’ll set aside money and your things will be cozily pressed for a more secure vehicle. In addition, pick sufficiently large and your move can be effectively overseen in one trip.

Set aside funds with DIY moving

One of the main reasons why truck rentals are so important among DIY movers is that when used appropriately, they can save them many dollars in moving and transport costs.

Vehicle transportation

With a moving truck rental, getting your vehicle to your new home is simple and it will not cost you a dime in additional expenses outside of the trailer rental. All rental trucks are furnished with a ball attachment that can go with a vehicle trailer.

With this component, you can tow your vehicle to your new home while reducing expenses related to fuel, tolls, and different costs identified with driving in independent vehicles.

Reasonable for short and significant distance moves

Rental moving trucks are an incredible decision for both nearby and significant distance moves. They cut down on rehashed trips and they can save you time and energy.

Inclusion alternatives

Depending upon your property holder’s and accident coverage, you and your things might be canvassed while during the time spent moving. But if your strategies don’t offer this advantage, truck rental offices offer a scope of different inclusion alternatives so you can pick the one that best meets your requirements and spending plan.

Partake in a greener move

If you’re keen on doing your part for the climate, you’ll be happy to realize that many truck rental organizations offer trucks controlled by diesel.

This fuel allows the truck to travel farther while using less when contrasted with gas. Rental truck organizations additionally keep up with for the most part late-model trucks which imply cleaner-running motors with fewer emissions and further developed mileage.

Moving ornaments accessible

When you’re dealing with a DIY move, there are numerous things that emerge that can end up costing you the money you didn’t know about. This includes a significant number of moving extra fundamental for working with a protected and simple move, similar to a cart and driving covers. 

Moving truck rentals accompany a cart and pressing covers ready. If you decide to utilize these frills, you will realize beforehand the amount they will cost you, but if you don’t have to use them, then, you can set aside significantly more funds. But, it’s decent having them there if you need them.

Fuel Costs for a U-Haul Truck

Another expense you need to consider is gas. Large trucks won’t go anywhere close to as great gas mileage as your own vehicle. The greater the vehicle, the more you should spend; if you are moving a significant distance, this will be a cost that you’ll have to financial plan for.

The biggest truck offered by U-Haul, the 26-foot moving truck, for instance, may just get around 10 miles for every gallon. More economical trucks will be better but not excessively much better. The 10-foot truck offered by U-Haul is simply expected to get around 12 miles for every tun. This will shift contingent upon the weight being conveyed in the truck.

If you will be traveling a significant distance, it is a smart thought to gauge your gas costs beforehand. You may just have the option to find out about the costs of using normal gas costs in your state and the gas mileage of the truck. But it will mean you’re not hit with a cost you hadn’t anticipated.


While most U-Haul clients will not have to stop and manage a checkpoint, it could influence a few groups. If you don’t have the best idea about the standards for the state you will be driving the truck through; it is smarter to discover prior to moving day.

Probably the Best Features of a U-Haul Truck

Here is the thing that you can hope to get with each U-Haul truck rental:

  • Low stacking decks – One of U-Haul’s most helpful conveniences.
  • EZ-stacking inclines – they are more limited than most contending brand’s trucks.
  • Rub rails so your furniture is gotten inside.
  • Minimal expense emergency aides if you break down.

Additional Equipment

What to Know about U-Haul Extras: Do you have all you require to securely move your furniture in the truck? U-Haul offers additional gear to make sure your action goes as flawlessly as could be expected.

They will give trailers, carts, rope, hitches, and different extras. If you are moving with things like bicycles, RVs, boats, and even wheelchairs, U-Haul has the gear to ensure things stay got in the truck.

If you need pressing materials, they have that accessible also. There will be an extra expense for these additional items, obviously. You should ensure you request these additional extras should you need them, while saving the truck.

Extra Moving Help from U-Haul

Moving large things of furniture can be difficult. At the point when you decide to handle the move yourself, you might find that it is more work than you can adapt to. If you don’t have friends or family accessible to assist with the move when you need them, you could be in hot water upon the arrival of the move.

Filling in as a realtor for as far back as 33 years, I regularly run into customers who are undecided about a great deal of their furnishings. Many simply take this is on the grounds that they don’t need the problem of disposing of it.

What so many don’t know is that there are organizations that will get your furniture for you! You can give your furniture to a family out of luck. Doing as such isn’t just aiding a family out of luck but is alleviating your burden on the moving truck.

Regardless of how well you have arranged your truck rental, if you’re not ready to stack your things, you will wish that you had recruited proficient movers or disposed of stuff. U-Haul can help here as well, with their Moving Help services. This connects you to moderate assistance in your space and allows you to pick the team size and the hours required.

Pressing the Truck

Pressing a U-Haul truck appropriately will most likely set aside your time and cash. There are a few things you need to recollect when pressing your things into the U-Haul truck. Things like ensuring the most awkward items are on the base and the lightest on top ought to reduce the shots at something getting harmed. 

These things ought to likewise be stacked into the truck first. Dismantle any furniture that you can, and pack beddings in an upward direction.

Use lashes to stop things moving around, and don’t be reluctant to use additional cushioning to decrease the probability of harm. Your smallest moving boxes ought to be stacked in last.

Different Advantages


U-Haul Truck Share

With this day in and day out self-service program, you can hold, get, and drop off your moving truck using only a smartphone and a web connection. Believe it or not, you don’t have to address a delegate during the cycle. The beginning is simple.

Your U-Haul truck rental is ensured. Regardless of whether you are moving around or one-way, you’ll have your appliance, area, and pick-up time as concurred or you’ll get $50.

Free self-stockpiling with a one-way rental. At the point when you rent a one-way U-Haul truck, you get one month of free self-stockpiling while taking an interest in U-Haul areas.

That includes a capacity unit close to your unique area and the objective you are moving to. It’s the ideal arrangement if you are scaling back and need to get a few things out of the house during or after a move.

Towing capacities: All U-Haul box trucks and pickup trucks are equipped for towing a vehicle or any size U-Haul trailer. If you need that additional room outside of your truck, or you’d prefer to tow your vehicle for simpler travel, exploit what your truck can do.

Regardless of whether you are an undergrad or a parent of a large family, a U-Haul truck rental enjoys benefits that can take your action simpler!




By and large, one-way rentals sound like a success. Regardless of whether you are simply moving in a similar city, you may conclude that getting up and dropping at another may be a superior incentive for your moving necessities.