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Are Land Cruisers Bulletproof? (which models are)?

In recent years, the Toyota Land Cruiser has earned its status as perhaps the most skilled 4×4 vehicle on the planet.

Since the release of the 200 series in 2008, IAG has been fabricating bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser 200s for customers throughout the planet, becoming quite possibly the most famous SUVs available.

IAG’s protecting change measure empowers the up-heavily clad Land Cruiser Wagon to overcome different ballistic and hazardous dangers. The suspension and brake changes give great vehicle elements excellent by different companies.

Different varieties are accessible from Toyota, including the essential G series, the medium spec GXR, and completely stacked VXR/VXR-I.

In left-hand drive models, IAG can likewise supply reinforced right-hand drive vehicles also. The 1VD 4.5L twin super diesel V8 engine is the favored power plant for most customers, but amazing fuel V6 and V8 engines are likewise accessible if required.

Protected Toyota Land Cruiser

Mahindra Armored Toyota Land Cruiser is a tried and certified luxury, modern up defensively covered sport utility vehicle (SUV). 

The protected Toyota Land Cruiser’s determined quality and lifespan has prompted large fame, viewed as one of the most reinforced vehicles in working conditions in both temperature and region, and is for the most part used by NGOs, Government Agencies, VIPs, and Security Organizations.

Mahindra Armored Toyota Land Cruiser is tried and certified to BSI PAS 300, VSAG VS6, VPAM BRV 2009, and ERV 2010 standards against ballistic and impact dangers and driveability tried as per BSI PAS 301 for a protected vehicle while working at its in-service functional property and complete great outcomes.

Protected Toyota Land Cruiser Standard Options

  • Security Level: CEN B6, B7, and VR7
  • FFR (Fitted for Radio)
  • Diverse Ballistic Glass
  • Motor, Battery, and ECU Protection
  • Runflat System
  • Secured Fuel Tank
  • Alarm and Intercom System
  • Public Address System
  • Redesigned Braking System
  • Redesigned Heavy Duty Suspension


The B6, B7, and VR7 Armored Toyota Land Cruiser is accessible in Left and Right Hand Drive with amazing engine alternatives turning over from the fundamental 4.0L Diesel up to the 5.7L Petrol with various choices in the middle.

Mahindra Armored Toyota Land Cruiser is made of top-notch quality and certified ballistic steel and layered with high insurance certified heavily clad glass, giving assurance against ammo. Heavily clad Toyota Land Cruiser’s suspension and stopping mechanism are supported with rock-solid packs and accompany a wide scope of updates and frills according to customer prerequisites.

Designed and worked to withstand penetrating risky projectiles with a defensive layer, the Armored Toyota Land Cruiser can overcome any snag and can be seen cruising in each most extreme danger and threatening circumstances of the globe by non-benefit associations.

All the B6, B7, and VR7 Armored Toyota Land Cruiser model’s interiors range from hard tough texture for mission functional use to enjoy great skin alternatives for Vip’s.


Tried and Certified Armored Toyota Land Cruiser

Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armouring focuses on innovative work in working on the certified Product, Toyota Land Cruiser. In 2012, MEVA attempted Ballistic Certification for the Toyota Land Cruiser and later in 2017, Drivability Certification as per Qinetiq UK and Millbrook UK individually.

Drivability Test

In 2017, MEVA completed the drivability test from Millbrook UK. The test program point was to furnish more data with an understanding of vehicle ability and driveability of a defensively covered Toyota Land Cruiser 200 while working at its in-service functional mass.

The vehicle scored profoundly in the handling evaluation that was completed. At the point when driven on the consistent state circle and the speed increased dynamically, the vehicle was great and even, unders-teer was improved and there was no oversteer obvious during the move. 

It was noticed that the slowing down performance was better compared to what would be normal for a vehicle of this size and weight.

Impact and Ballistic Certification

MEVA Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 achieved the tests and accomplished certification for VPAM VR7 BRV 2009 and VPAM VR7 ERV 2010 standards alongside the most recent impact and ballistic test, British Standard Institute PAS 300 and VSAG VS12 in 2012.

The test was performed by Internationally perceived specialists from QinetiQ UK. Dr. Mark French, the main researcher remarked that the Mahindra Armored Toyota Land Cruiser was the most awesome Armored vehicle ever tried.

The new Civilian bulletproof vehicle standard BSI PAS 300 portrays test strategies for evaluating the ballistic and performance of non-military personnel protected vehicles. It characterizes test levels for ballistic effect (counting handgun, shotgun, and rifle) and shoots obstruction for side-impact, under vehicle impact, and rooftop impact.

As a feature of the ballistic test it likewise incorporates recreating shot tests. This test rule for bulletproof vehicles defends the technique, which guarantees productive outcomes by unifying the test and the test from one viewpoint and more market to the clients of bulletproof vehicles by having the option to unbiasedly think about bulletproof vehicles from different suppliers that have been tried by similar rules.

The four test strategies portrayed by this PAS depend on the work of the Vehicle Security Advisory Group (VSAG) and are intended to address the issues of both the European and worldwide business sectors. VSAG is a guiding group of safety and vehicle experts addressing governments from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and France. 

They were united to make a universal government perceived standard for testing of bulletproof vehicles and for assessing protected vehicle companies.


Toyota Land Cruiser

With a set of experiences that have crossed over 60 years, the Toyota Landcruiser has earned its place on the list of the world’s most amazing SUVs. We pick the absolute best vehicles to adjust into bulletproof vehicles, and we accept that the Toyota Landcruiser offers the customers and VIPs all they require to remain safe and arrive at their objective in style. 

To put it correctly, the reinforced SUVs dependent on Toyota Landcruiser vehicles offer the full experience.

The bulletproof, heavily armored, Toyota Landcruisers are completely ensured and are accessible as a B7 level security vehicle. You can have confidence that you are getting the absolute best in assurance and armoring frameworks that money can purchase. 

Just as supporting the Toyota Landcruiser with our mark armoring, we likewise introduce the hardest wellbeing glass accessible available.

The glass is hostile to bandits and bulletproof and demonstrated to give wellbeing and security in practically any possibility.

Whatever unstable circumstance you end up in, regardless of whether it is a fight or a ballistic or dangerous assault, the Toyota Landcruiser will assist you with running away.

Just as a variety of defensive frameworks, the protected SUVs dependent on Toyota Landcruiser vehicles are outfitted with a best in class four-wheel-drive framework for predominant handling, while the force accessible from the engine allows the Landcruiser to speed up to 80 km/h without any difficulty and a speed which give a representation of the vehicle’s size

The way that Landcruiser models with a diesel engine can go similar to 600 km (372 miles) without expecting to refuel, while the fuel framework uses a processing plant sifting framework which effectively cleans the diesel of water and other different pollutant components that could influence the engine and its performance.

The bulletproof vehicles dependent on the Toyota Land Cruiser LC 200 are exceptionally famous in numerous countries and areas. Land Cruisers are enormously refreshing as they are exceptionally strong and simple to fix. They have individual design alternatives for upscale prerequisites: with parcel dividers among driver and VIP-traveler space.


Is the Toyota Land Cruiser Bulletproof?

From the manufacturing plant, the Toyota Land Cruiser isn’t bulletproof. In that case, there are a lot of places out there that will assist with making a bulletproof Land Cruiser. What precisely does making an SUV bulletproof require, and is there an extra cost on this process?

How much does a protected Toyota Land Cruiser cost?

Many people do not need to bother with a bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser. Regularly, government offices, non-legislative associations (NGOs), security associations, or random Very Important People will use one.

Mahindra is one brand that offers such a choice. The work done by Mahindra is “tried and certified to BSI PAS 300, VSAG VS6, VPAM BRV 2009 and ERV 2010 standards against ballistic and impact dangers, and driveability tried as per BSI PAS 301 for a defensively covered vehicle while working at its in-service functional mass and accomplished great outcomes.”

So, there is no evaluation accessible. Since the Land Cruiser costs nearly $90,000 to begin, it is a costly process. Carat Duchatelet, a company that produces bespoke high-security vehicles, offered a great look at extra cost.

The company noted to Army Recognition back in 2019 that a car costs somewhere in the range of 100,000 to 1,2 million euros. That is about $122,155 to $1,466,448.00 million. Vincent Lambert, CEO of Carat Duchatelet, said, “A bulletproof vehicle takes from a half year to 1 year.”


What is the best way toward protecting a vehicle?

What does the way toward making a bulletproof vehicle involve? Mahindra records a couple of specifics. The SUV is fitted for radio and has multifaceted ballistic glass. The motor, battery, gas tank, and ECU are protected from amending.

Every one of the four is fitted with a bulletproof framework. You can include an alarm, radio, and public location framework. In addition, redesigned brakes and uncompromising layoff. The entirety of this can add thousands of pounds to the vehicle, so redesigned brakes and layoff are basic.

And then, at that point there are some extra choices, should you need such changes. Some may add an auxiliary electric framework or a battery disengagement framework. Your preferred company can likewise incorporate a power outage or covertness mode and a fire concealment framework.

The alternatives are boundless with regards to equipping your SUV, with a small financial plan. So your Land Cruiser won’t be bulletproof or heavily clad from the manufacturing plant, but it is feasible to do.

Bulletproof 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 200


The bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is quite possibly the second most famous choice for SUV assurance consistently and in light of current circumstances. The Landcruiser is a monster of a vehicle, eminent for quite a long time for its rough outside and performance and its bountiful indoor. 

The bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser in 2019 has added provisions, for example, a voice-enacted contact screen DVD route framework with a coordinated reinforcement camera and 14 speakers encompassing sound with an extra subwoofer. 

Customers might appreciate sans hands telephone capacity with music streaming using Bluetooth remote tech. 

With Toyota’s nature of superior vehicles and Armormax indoor, the 2019 reinforced Land Cruiser 200 gives security regardless of where you are. Call today for a statement on your next bulletproof Land Cruiser for any year.